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The Sweet Spot

past and present

There is a place between an ending and just before a new beginning known as the Sweet Spot. A place where the same creative potential that gave birth to the universe exists within each of us. With Venus now Retrograde and the affect of the Solar eclipse strong within our psyche, it can trigger a sense of having your foundation knocked out from under you. Yesterday while sitting on the edge of the cliff that overlooks the sacred Hauraki Bay, the waters that separate the stillness and magick of Waiheke Island, New Zealand from the fast world of Auckland City, I found myself catapulted into the energy of a new beginning.

My husband and I had recently made the decision that we would be making New Zealand our main residence but I had planned to do so after we returned from the Dark Madonna Journey to France and Spain in October. I thought I would have a few months to prepare, sell our furniture and pack everything else to place in storage.

The Goddess however has other plans. We received word that the home we had lived in for the last five years was being sold and we needed to move out on May 1st.   My motto has always been EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. My life has been a series of unexpected events and sudden changes so I should be used to this. I have to admit though that under the emotional charges of the recent eclipse I did have my mini melt down as sheer panic set in on how this was physically possible since I am not even returning to Mount Shasta until April 6th. Several deep breaths, two restless nights and several chats with the Goddess, things started to fall into place. There would be no hesitation…WE WERE MOVING!!

There is a powerful dragon line that weaves from Mount Shasta through the Hawaiian Islands and into the lands of New Zealand. For weeks I was feeling the dragon line building with energy. One week before I departed for New Zealand several articles identifying New Zealand actually sits on top of a major continent that sank into the ocean millions of years before began to appear from different sources. The geologists call it Zealandia, I call it Lemuria, or the motherland of Mu. 93% of the continent exists beneath the Pacific Ocean. Mainstream has identified what has been known by many who follow the old lore, New Zealand is the heart of Lemuria. It was the inspiration for James Cameron’s powerful movie Avatar.

I find it fascinating that the divine timing of this discovery would gain world wide attention in the Year of the Goddess Awakening. It has been said that Zealandia has been sleeping beneath the great ocean for millions of years.

2017, the Year of the Goddess Awakening, a year where we plant the seeds in the soil of a new foundation cultivated from the last nine year cycle is where we can each find our Sweet Spot. Symbolic that for soil to become fertile and rich with potential, it must be tilled and completely turned over. Everyone I know has definitely gone through a nine year cycle of having their lives completely turned over to prepare the soil for the seeds we are planting in this time of the Sweet Spot.

What I have discovered is you only need vision and to breathe life into the stirring you feel in your heart. I also know that anything worth doing is going to be difficult; the challenge is a big part of what makes it worth anything and now more than ever we are asked to just jump off that cliff. I’m jumping right into the arms of the crystal island of Waiheke. Waiheke means flowing waters and here one can tap into their dreams, their creative inspiration and can find their Sweet Spot.

Beginning in October, I will be creating a series of personal Imrammas to the crystal island. The ancient Celts identified an Imramma as a spiritual journey across sacred waters that join the boundaries of two worlds together. Here mystical doorways open that elude most humans. For the one who enters with an open heart this becomes a journey back to ones divine self. These can be designed as a one-day journey of self-discovery, a weekend of manifestation or even longer depending on the depth an individual would like to experience.

You will discover the magick of sitting beneath the Pohutakawa trees to find balance as you learn to speak with the great standing tall ones. When one learns to find that connection to the tree spirits, one deepens their relationship with the Goddess. A journey through the rain forest allows one to connect with the enchanted ones as guidance flows from the place of cascading waters. The magick of the stone beings that hold the spirit of the whale can assist one in navigating through times of uncertainty. These journeys are combined with a Soul Life reading to bring forth clarity and direction. You may wish to include a healing and balancing session with the crystal singing bowls and celestial elemental chimes. Each journey is custom designed to help you find the Sweet Spot. For more details on creating your own personal Imramma to the magickal island, please contact me directly at [email protected]

I will continue to guide spiritual journeys on Mount Shasta a few months each year but these must be booked in advance. I do have a few open spaces left the last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August for 2017. Please contact me directly if you would like to explore the magick of the Amethyst Mountain.

I will also be in Southern California in June for those who may wish to schedule a personal session. I will be doing both Soul Life Readings as well as Energy Balancing and Integration sessions. Both sessions can assist in helping one to utilize the energy of this year and find their Sweet Spot.

I have now posted the guided meditation for the Virgo Full Moon dedicated to the earth Goddess Demeter. A powerful night for rejuvenation and vision. If you are one of our subscribers please click here for Meditation. If you would like to join to receive monthly New Moon, Full Moon and Sacred Sabbat rituals as well as monthly full moon audio meditations please click here.

Wishing you a magickal Full Moon.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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