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The Rainbow Serpent is awakened and moving

Greetings to the family of the Rainbow Nation

As our journey continues to Uluru, Ayres Rock, in the heart of Australia, for the total lunar eclipse, the intensity of this journey has certainly heightened.  We were one of the last flights to depart Christchurch to Australia as the ash cloud from the recent volcanic eruption in Chile had made its way to the Pacific now grounding many flights.

We had just spent a week in the beautiful sea village of Akaroa, on the South Island of New Zealand, which lies in the center of an ancient volcano.  The grandmother wisdom tree, which stands above the harbor called me to nestle within her loving arms under a starry sky and beneath the Southern Cross.  I climbed to the top in darkness all alone to answer the call of a distant whale.  The blackness of night, always brings me vision and I find my powerful time in the stillness of the darkness.  I asked for clarity on the next part of my journey and how I could continue to be of service.  As more and more people continue to join our spiritual community on a daily basis through Weave the Web, I am certain the souls of the rainbow tribe are  being woven to gather again.  There is a feeling of urgency to find one another and a huge sense of hope that the changes we are all experiencing will truly bring about the new dream.

I knew how very powerful the trilogy of eclipses we are moving through is to each of us individually, but I was yet to receive confirmation on the global impact these eclipses will have on awakening more and more souls to the remembrance of oneness and communion with all life forms.   Messages continue to be shared if we awaken the shamanic mind to read the signs that are now everywhere. One very special message came at the time of the first solar eclipse, new moon on June 1st. as a unique crop circle appeared near Wiltin, England, on the sacred lands of the ancient Druids.

The rainbow serpent made its presence known as the image of a snake appeared in the wheat field. The symoblogy of a snake is quite significance at this time.  Snake symbolizes the shedding of an old skin, old identity and an old belief system we have outgrown and discovered is not our truth.  The eyes of a snake are always open so we are being gifted with new sight to see beyond illusion, untruths and deception.  The serpent for many cultures represents the highest of spiritual wisdom and at the time of the eclipse we will have an opportunity to remember what is present within each of us, as we can see through the eyes of the rainbow serpent and experience the soul of the universe.   If I had needed any confirmation as to the significance of me being at Uluru for the total lunar eclipse, there it was.  I believe that the crop circles that appear, are energetic messages recorded within the landscape that reveal themselves at critical times to bring warnings, messages of hope, and to put mankind on notice that we are truly not alone as we move through these times of uncertainty and change.

During the actual time of the eclipse we will have a 100 minute opportunity to clear and transform the karmic imprints that have revealed themselves to each of us, over this last six months as Saturn, the planet of karmic review and justice, brought to the surface our old imprints, illusions, fears and doubts.  For me the eclipse will occur on June 16th between 4:30am and 6:00am at Uluru.  Based on your time zone even if the eclipse is not visible, the power will be greatly heightened and you will feel the illusions of the old dream shatter.  Use this time to enter the unseen world and begin to dream your new dream as we collectively dream the new dream of oneness.

We have never had such a powerful opportunity to awaken the 11:11 code, which holds the blueprint of our past and the answers we seek for our future.  During the time of the eclipse, I will be playing the trilogy of crystal singing bowls at the base of Uluru.  I will also place the shaman stone of transformation, the obsidian stone being known as EB, and the andara crystal at the base of Uluru.  Visualize the cosmic web that weaves each of us together filled with a violet light and reaching out to all places on our beloved Gaia that are still in darkness.  Feel the violet ray fill your entire being with light, as you become an acupuncture point of light dreaming the new dream.  As the violet light moves through your body temple, feel that it flows through the balls of your feet and into the earth mother.  Focus on your breath and become the channel of transformational, healing light. During this time open to receive guidance from the Master Teachers and your personal guides and angelic presences.

Wishing you magick, light, rainbows and love, Robbyne

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