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Temple of the Four Winds


The Phoenix has risen and there is a definite shift of energy.  At the time of the Spring Equinox I sat within a wonderful circle of light in Rigi, Switzerland.  It was magickal as we focused on the birth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes and the golden egg forming.  I received so many emails from all over the world from many of you sharing your experiences at this time as so many of you did the ritual with the egg that I had shared.  As I sat with the group in a most beautiful sanctuary high on top of the mountain you could feel the energy as the circles of light positioned all over our beautiful mother earth joined in with collective prayer and focused intention.

As the legends say when the Phoenix rises from the ashes and the golden egg is formed there is a nine-day incubation period where the new Phoenix gains the strength and energy it will need to take flight.  At the time of the last Full Moon in March the fledgling phoenix broke through the golden egg and began to take flight.  It will first carry the ashes of its parent back to the Temple of the Sun in Egypt to deposit the ashes in a ceremony of gratitude and healing.  The Goddess light in the temples throughout Egypt will be ignited once again.   The Phoenix will then take flight returning to the realm of Avalon and the torches to the ancient temple of the Goddess will simultaneously be lit acknowledging the return of the Divine Feminine presence.  The stone library of Roslyn Chapel will also once again be ignited with the remembrance of the Divine Mother Goddess and the truth behind the story of the Black Madonna.  All over the world the Goddess light will be resurrected stirring a deep remembering in souls just awakening.

Many of you are feeling a little strange these days as though you are not attached to this world.  It is because the vibration on the earth is accelerating now at an increased frequency and as your light body is filling with this higher light we feel we walk between two worlds.  Yes there is the world of man where we still struggle with bills, obligations, responsibilities and the influence of the fear based rhetoric of those who are still desperately holding on to the old.  Each day I see the veneer of illusion and untruths melting away revealing a new and brighter future for us all but we must be strong now to not get pulled into the illusion that has kept us powerless and fearful, accepting the lies of our various religious orders, our governments and societies beliefs.

As I prepare for this journey to New Zealand, everyday I feel I am shedding an old layer.  I truly feel like the fledgling phoenix, full of promise and hope.  I watch with excitement the endless miracle of life unfolding everywhere I turn.  The great cosmic web continues to be woven as many souls are reuniting in service to the Goddess with the desire to truly support one another.

My guidance has clearly shown me that a phenomenal energy infusion will be gifted to the earth on April 23rd at the time the new Phoenix leaves the world of man and returns to the unseen world.  This infusion of light will create a mass spiritual awakening.  I am being guided to join with a very special group in the Temple of the Four Winds known as Te Mriniga Te Kakara.  It is the place where we stand tall and remember who we are. The great temple of light, a learning temple holding the ancient wisdom of the past and the knowledge of the universe was built in direct alignment with the Southern Cross, the star gate from which all souls pass through entering the earth vibration.  As the gate opens and the Phoenix moves back into the unseen world, this infusion of light will be sent.  For those who are focused and in stillness at this time a great awakening and remembrance can occur.

Because I will be in the Southern hemisphere, I am sharing with you the time that this will occur in your region.  Wherever you are, if you can find the space to be still this will be a most powerful time to receive guidance regarding your soul purpose and the strength to step forward.  If it is not possible to be in a place of stillness you need only set intention to participate in this universal prayer and when you do have the time what has been down loaded will be able to flow into your consciousness.  Weave the Web continues to grow daily so please pass these messages on to those who you feel would like to join with our spiritual family.  Each time I create a circle I feel it grows stronger with the power and light of thousands now awakening and sharing that light with others.  Together we can and are making a difference.  The vision of oneness is possible in this lifetime because it is coded in the DNA of every living being.   We can shift realities with our continued focused intention and prayer but it will take commitment.

For those of you who are able to sit in stillness you will want to create a sacred altar calling in the four winds. On your altar place four candles that represent the four points of the Southern Cross.  There are actually five stars that make up the Southern Cross star system.  The fifth is very small and known as the jewel.  It is through this fifth star that all souls move through to enter into the world of man.  The southern cross is only visible in the southern hemisphere and since the moment I stood beneath the southern cross for the first time in Peru I felt a deep stirring in my heart and the remembrance of another time and place.  This vision has only grown stronger. Those of you who have the andara crystal place this in the center of the altar as a powerful infusion of light will be brought in to charge the andara crystal.  If you do not have the andara place you favorite crystal, stone or talisman.

Australia 9:00am -Friday April 23rd

Bali – 5:00am – Friday April 23rd

California – West Coast April 22nd – 4:00pm

Arizona – April 22nd – 4:00pm

Colorado – April 22nd – 5:00pm

Chicago – April 22nd – 6:00pm

New York April 22nd – 7:00pm

England – April 22nd – midnight

Switzerland Friday – April 23rd 1:00am

Egypt – Friday the 23rd – 1:00am

Tulum – Thursday, April 22nd – 7:00pm

Bolivia – April 22nd – 7:00pm

Montreal, Canada – April 22nd – 7:00pm

Germany – April 23rd 1:00am

Peru – 6:00pm – April 22nd

South Africa – April 23rd – 1:00am

Sit in stillness and see your light connecting through the cosmic web with souls positioned all over the world.  Focus on sending love, healing and the expression of oneness into the grid.  You will feel your own reality shift as you sit in stillness.  From the seemingly impossible the possible will be found.

It is with joy and gratitude that I feel such a beautiful connection with each of you reading these words.  Please share this monumental time of awakening with others so we can all join together to make a reality shift for the planet.

Love, rainbows and hugs, Robbyne

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