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Standing Before the Lady of Life

Temple of Karnak

The next part of our journey was in the early morning hours to visit Karnak and the temple of Sekhmet.  Karnak is the biggest temple complex in the world, covering an area of 100 hectares and there is nowhere more impressive of the ancient temples.    On the west side is the entrance to the temple used by visitors which was once a quay built by Rameses II to give access via a canal to the river Nile. This is where boats carrying statues of the gods would have arrived and departed from the temple during festivals.


Our early morning departure would ensure our spiritual family private access into the Sanctuary of Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess in the Temple of Karnak. Her name comes from the ancient Egyptian word Sekhem, which means power. Revered as The Lady of Life, Sekhmet is often depicted as a fierce warrior goddess with the head of a lion holding the Ankh in one hand and the staff of wisdom in the other.   She is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities.


Upon approaching her temple lying in the entry way of her chambers was a bat. From ancient times those who follow the earth religion have sought visions and messages from the natural world. In the beginning, the Creator communicated with us through our interaction with nature as all of nature is connected at an unseen level. The messages exist in all of Nature but are most predominant in the animal clan. As we journeyed through Egypt the animal allies would also join our path.   Bat’s wisdom brings shamanic death, rebirth, and initiation. Shaman initiates go through a ritual death facing the darkness before finding the light in rebirth. The bat gives you the wisdom required to make the appropriate changes for the birthing of your new identity. Bat also allows you to review past lives, heal what needs to be released and returns gifts and talents that have laid dormant until the moment of initiation.  What a powerful message as we would each step into the sacred chamber of the Lady of Life.


Before you enter the holy sanctuary of Sekhmet, you must first present yourself to Ptah to state your name and purpose. The energy of those of the unseen was surreal and captured in many photographs this night.


To stand before the lion headed Goddess and accept the Staff of Wisdom requires a complete commitment to be of service to the divine. There is a knowing as your heart stirs that you will be forever changed and there is no returning to an old way of expressing yourself.


You must conquer your fears and self-doubts for the lion headed Goddess will guide you. You must embrace the changes that life brings with complete trust that your journey is guided by the divine and it is enough to just be.


We each would stand before Sekhmet silently holding the ankh, the key of life receiving the power and courage this divine presence offers.


I had gifted each person with an ankh so that when they stood before the Lady of Life they would be able to hold her staff of wisdom with one hand and hold their own cross of the Nile to receive the blessings and feel the transmission of power and healing. The Ankh is used to transfer energy to attract things in or to remove them from ones energy field. An ancient and powerful tool of transformation from the Atlantean times. Those who are healers are under the guidance of Sekhmet and much is given to the one seeking wisdom who stands before her with an open heart.  Physicians, healers, and skilled doctors, all revered Sekhmet.

As I stood before her I felt a wave of energy and heard her speak. “The time has come, change is now moving through the lands and you will need to find your balance. You are being gifted wisdom to make wise decisions and power to stand in your truth as a faith keeper”.

I felt in that moment the outcome of the presidential election in the United States before it would be announced and knew our world was in for tremendous change. The message was clear. We must put aside our differences, put aside our judgment and join together. It would start with our spiritual family. Not just the group that was traveling together but those positioned all over the world who were holding the light in their heart.


I had carried many Ankhs into Sekhmet’s sanctuary that morning, secretly placing them at her feet away from the view of the guards.  I held each one in my right hand as I held on to her Staff of Wisdom before the group would enter. The energy moved through me like an electrical current of light. The guards were positioned outside and I was alone. The Cross of the Nile is the original symbol of the cross that represents the perfect balance and honoring of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Male. The loop at the top represents the womb of the Goddess and the bottom represents the phallic energy of the male as well as the backbone of Osiris.   They are crossed with the scrolls of Isis.

I had the Ankhs custom created before the journey began and carried them also into the Temple of Isis. For anyone interested in purchasing one for their altar please let me know as I do have a limited amount.   They are powerful tools of transformation and healing.


Sekhmet’s sanctuary is a place that is hard to leave but the sun was rising and we were traveling on to Cairo to complete our journey. We left her temple to move to the gateway of new beginnings as we watched the sunrise. It was a magnificent morning and even with the lack of sleep we had, there was an energy moving through us. It was the dawning of a new day. In that moment the election was taking place in the United States and I felt a huge shift was moving across the earth. A shock wave was moving beneath my feet and a sense of uncertainty and at the same time a knowing of the outcome. We were still alone in the Temple of Karnak and this was a powerful morning for everyone.


As we made our way through the temple to the sacred lake of purification another animal ally would bring a message early that morning.  The fox appeared once again, the messenger the Celts believed to be a guide, honored for its wisdom. A messenger asking us to now be focused and clear to step into Mastery. When fox appears she brings the promise that the solution to a problem is at hand. She will guide the one who enters the silence to find their way.


We each walked around the sacred scarab three times, a ritual the ancient ones would do making a wish for their future.


I had much to be grateful for and placed the wish of unity and harmony in the world of human. The energy of Sekhmet was cursing through me and walking around the scarab seemed to bring a calm and peaceful feeling.


Our morning complete I sat down beside Mohamed. I had again worn out my guides. I was however still going strong. The power of Sekhmet was running through me.


The Goddess was definitely awake. As we left the temple I was grateful we had been alone for several hours.


Approaching were now all the tourists but we had been divinely protected.

Join us as the journey continues for our final days in Cairo and the ultimate experience in the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.

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