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The Spiritual Super Bowl

Today in America is the Super Bowl.   The two best teams in football come together to compete. In the end one is victorious and acknowledged as the best of the best. As I awoke this morning I thought about this game of champions that we play each day on this human journey. It takes courage, strength, insight, desire and love to win the spiritual super bowl.

I have spent a lifetime working with the natural world and the divine Goddess. It has prepared me, to the best of my ability to stay strong in these times of tremendous uncertainty and dramatic change.  To be strong in the Super Bowl of Life. 2016 was a Year of Self Mastery and as I reflect on the challenges and lessons I personally moved through, I do see how it gave me the insight and strength that I need now to hold the balance as a faith keeper in this year of the Goddess Awakening. I willingly admit, I still need work. I like anyone else am a continuous work in process.

The Goddess speaks with a strong voice and from time to time the influences channeling through me change. I have recently noticed a strong presence that comes when I invoke the Crone or Wise woman. It is the Hindu Goddess Kali. Kali comes from the Sanskrit root word Kal which means time. I have known of this powerful presence and honored her when I have been to her sacred sanctuary but she has never been a main presence for me to work with. I seem to have deeper ties to the Celtic Goddesses and the Egyptian pantheon and yet she continues to come. It is said that Kali provides moksha or liberation to her children. She is the counterpart of Shiva the destroyer. Together they are the destroyers of illusion. The ego sees Kali and trembles with fear because the ego sees in her its own eventual demise. A person who is attached to his or her ego will not be receptive to Kali. A wise soul who is working through the bonds of illusion will see with different eyes that the Goddess Kali is truly compassionate, protective, and overflowing with unconditional love for her children. She demands change however, and that requires letting go.

Today Kali clearly made her presence known and said she would be channeling through me, that I will need her strength in the days to come.  She has chosen to work with me and so I embrace the gift of her wisdom and knowledge. At the same time I realize that her presence means my world will be changing. I could feel a fire inside my solar plexus flowing up to my heart much like an electrical surge.   I placed my hands and third eye on the large generator crystal that sits on the dragon line facing Mount Shasta on my altar. For weeks I had been spinning in a place of uncertainty as to what this year would unfold for me. Family issues were constantly changing my perfect laid out schedule so I had surrendered. As a faith keeper, since childhood I had been gifted with great assistance to guide my journey so I relaxed into the knowing that this Goddess was now guiding me.

Kali’s message was quite clear as I reflected on the state of the world since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of America. I cannot call it the United States as I have never seen it as divided as it appears to be.  With her presence so strong within me I entered the still point promising to be her humble messenger and asked for her guidance to come through. Her words rang true and brought a sense of comfort to me.

There is a universal order that plays out through chaos and your world is currently moving through that phase. Do not fear what you do not understand. Do not fear the death of the old structure, for you have asked for this. You have prayed for this. You have joined with others in sacred ceremony across the earth to create the very thing you are now a witness to. There is a beautiful dance taking place that you are a part of. It is only the transitioning orbit of energy in play. The old must be released so the new can be birthed. Be strong in your knowing that all is truly in divine order and do not judge what you see.  Awaken the spirit of the Goddess in others so they will find their truth and bring beauty and balance back into your world.

I try not be a political activist but this is more than politics, this is life expressing itself. We need to take a moment and pause as this one event has triggered the release of more hatred and harshness than I have seen in my lifetime and yet it is no different than the religious wars of the past throughout Europe. No different than what a government has done to a people. In America it was against the First nation people, the Native Americans and again with the African nations that were enslaved.   It has played out in New Zealand with the Maori, in Australia with the Aborigines, in South America with the Inca and Mayan, the treatment of the Jews in Germany and the suppression of a people in China.  Every country has a dark spot in their history.   It is a collective consciousness of fear, anger, hatred, and judgment being released to be transformed so a new consciousness can be birthed. We cannot lose sight of what we are creating from the remnant of what is being destroyed. We are now living the change we want to see. We absolutely must stand in truth and support of each other. We must bring love back into the world. We need to bring joy and we need to stop the harsh words and judgment that we speak when someone does not agree with our belief. All that is important is to stand strong in our truth.

Kali is not a light weight presence and her energy certainly activated a fire within me. Not one of anger and doubt but a deeper knowing that our prayers had been heard and we simply needed to wake up and join together. As I walked the main street in Mount Shasta yesterday, I noticed a sign now posted at the front door in many of the storefronts and restaurants that made my heart smile. It read:


ALL races

ALL religions

ALL countries of origins

ALL sexual orientations

ALL genders


We are all in the Super Bowl of spiritual champions. It took a lot of hard work to get here. We will still at some point stumble and fall. We will all lose our way and at times feel like we cannot make it through another day. If we learn to develop a deeper relationship with the Goddess and allow her to express through us we will be guided.

As I have been preparing the Goddess Readings I have felt such bliss when the aspects of the Goddess come through. A spiritual wave of light fills my heart and I almost giggle with delight. Thank you to those who have requested these as it fills my days with great joy in preparing them. I will be departing for New Zealand on the 21st so will be unable to fill orders after the 15th. I must receive all orders no later than the 15th of February, as it takes me approximately 1 hour to prepare the reading, the mythical being elixir and the Goddess crystal.

There is still time to order for those who may be interested in building a stronger relationship with the Goddess. A beautiful presence that will support awakening the seed your carry and manifesting your new expression for the next nine years. Please click here for more information.

Wishing you a day of enchantment.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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