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Seminar in Fluelen, Switzerland

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Weaving the Web

Seminar from Robbyne LaPlant-Seaman

Thursday, November 12th thru Sunday, November 15th 2009

Hotel Sternen, Fluelen/UR, Switzerland


Grandmother Spider awakened me in 1999. For the last ten years she has guided my path with her wisdom. She physically appeared just prior to the presidential election in America in November of 2008 weaving a magical web that opened the doorway to the sacred medicine wheel that I am privileged to be the guardian of. It is her web that Eb and the andara crystal are a part of. It is her web that we are all connected to. This mystical messenger guarded the doorway until I was ready to receive her teachings. I prayed that she would still be there when I returned from Switzerland after a very powerful experience with the Black Madonna in Einsiedeln. Such joy I would feel every time I entered the medicine wheel and found her waiting to share her wisdom and knowledge with me. “Write” she would tell me, “write the story of your earth walk, share the truth with those who will find their way to you and join you on your journey. Share with them that wondrous change is occurring and mankind is truly awakening”. The day after I returned from Switzerland, she said goodbye. I knew she was leaving as she told me; everything she had come to share was now within me. I needed only follow her guidance and I would find my way. When I returned to the medicine wheel the next day she was gone. Every part of her had returned to the unseen world including the magnificent web she had woven across the entrance. I stood at the doorway and tears ran down my face. I was alone now. When I entered the wheel and sat quietly even though she had returned to the unseen world her presence was still there and she began to share with me that we needed to join together in the Black Forest in Germany at the time of the turning of the cosmic wheel, the Spring Equinox. Many of you followed the golden thread and joined me here as we wove threads of light placing our prayers in the cosmic web to illuminate the web once again. When I returned from the Black Forest she came to me and told me I must travel to Washington DC for the Wind Moon. The moon that awakens all of nature to open the doorway to our world. I needed to be there to pray for our new President and as many of you know the andara crystal disappeared that morning at the reflection pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The grandmother crystal was still in the center of the medicine wheel at home. But the crystal spirit within the second andara crystal was to remain in the heart chakra of America, Washington DC.

No one knows how old Grandmother Spider is, or how long she has waited for Universal Consciousness to awaken, but every Creature Being who has ever lived, from deep within knows she is the weaver of the Web of Life. The First Nation people share the story that from her web, Grandmother Spider observed the first thoughts as the Universal Consciousness awakened from the dream. Seven energy beings expressing this Universal consciousness, solidified into bright, shining stars that positioned themselves in the Sky World. Grandmother Spider began to spin her web. As she spun her thread, Grandmother Spider envisioned the Web of Life. Within moments, she had woven her web connecting the seven stars and creating the Spirit Doorway through which all of the rest of life would enter. The seven stars are the celestial star system known as the Pleiades from which all first nation people received their guidance.

As the Dark Mother Goddess began to dream of her children they became thoughts. Each thought was a spirit essence that dreamed an individual dream for manifesting life. Grandmother Spider spun her web around each new energy being and the Universal Web of Life shimmered in the reflection of Great Mystery’s light. The Sky World filled with light as her creative process unfolded. As the stars, suns and planets prepared to give birth to their children, Grandmother Spider spun her cord even longer, to include the newly born in the Web of Life. Even though we as human beings have forgotten that we are all beings of light, Grandmother Spider has never left us alone or seen any creature as separate or less than another. The Web of Life connects all life everywhere in the Universe. We are each a part of the Great Mystery, manifesting as an individual awareness in a separate physical body, but sharing the same energy as all other life. The energy web is anchored within our center and is our connection to the Great Mystery. Along with Grandmother Spider’s web cord, we carry within our center, our dream for living, which is our purpose. Before we came into this physical expression, we chose the gifts and talents that help us create the reality that we envisioned. We also chose the lessons and challenges that motivate our learning and growth.

Our dream for living carries a specific vibration that guides our spirit essence. During our Earth walk, we live these choices and lessons, and we develop our talents and gifts, as we meet each situation and challenge of our growth. We must remember our purpose, and focus our life in this direction if we are to be happy and fulfilled. Grandmother Spider weaves the Web of Life around us when our spirit essence enters its physical body inside the womb of our mother. When she completes her weaving, Grandmother Spider does not cut the cord, but leaves an energy trail with her golden thread that goes out from our center to connect with all other Creature Beings that will enter the Web of Life.

The gift of Grandmother Spider is the personal energy web that we walk with throughout our entire life. This gift insures that we are never alone, for through it we always share the love of All Our Relations. Our energy web surrounds our physical body, enveloping it with a vibrating energy that is our personal rhythm. Our energy web is connected to our physical body through energy centers that are the communication channels between our physical body and spirit essence. To live in comfort and divinity, we need to maintain a balance of body, mind and spirit within our personal energy web.

All life shares an equal place within the Web of Life. The gifts and contributions of each and every Creature Being are very important for the survival of Mother Earth. Each Creature Being, in following their specific life task, affects the welfare of all the other Creature Beings in the web. Without the benefit of even one Creature’s work, the Web of Life would lack the energy of wholeness necessary for the circle of life’s cycles to continue on with their rhythm. At the other end, the web is always unraveling, as every spirit essence travels back through the doorway of the Sacred Cave to the Spirit World when life is complete.

We must remember our connection to the web; we must remember we are all related. Mi Taku Oyasin. Grandmother Spider speaks to me whenever I enter the sacred wheel. She shares with me words of guidance for the journey that lies ahead. She enters my dreams and asks me to share her teachings by passing them on to you. Together we must restore balance within ourselves to reconnect our heartbeat to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and open us to the teachings of the First Nation people. “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” Chief Seattle

A global community is forming that knows no boundaries of religious separation, cultural differences, political affiliations, financial status or even continental boundaries. It is a reconnecting of the cosmic spider web and a healing of the sacred hoop as the First Nation people identify this change. This golden thread of the cosmic spider web is the thread that the Black Madonna holds to guide us from our darkness, our sense of being lost and the times we feel hopeless and confused. My recent journey to Canyon de Chellys has changed me forever as the divine wisdom of the Dark Mother Goddess has been passed on through the stone people and the ancestral beings that guard the place of the holy ones, Spider Rock. The Black Madonna’s constant companions, sentinels, souls of the Templar Knights have passed on the wisdom of the Crow and the teachings of crow magick will be shared during our time together.

The web is woven around all living beings and the seminar in Fluelen is woven into a central part of the web. With the assistance of the crystal beings that are housed in the church next to our seminar location the teachings of the ancestral beings will be greatly enhanced. With the Solar Eclipse that will occur in July the Black Madonna’s presence will be brought back into our earth experience. As the Goddess she has promised she will return whenever mankind is in need. As she has come before as the presence of Grandmother Spider, Isis and White Buffalo Woman she comes again. I am being guided to be positioned in Panther Meadows, high on top of the Amethyst Mountain of Saint Germaine in Mount Shasta at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse. The mountain that is both the doorway to Telos the inner city of Lemuria and the stargate for the star beings to enter. A crystal seed that has been germinating on Mount Shasta since the Solar Eclipse of last year will be activated and the source of light carried to Fluelen through the luminescent fibers of the cosmic web.

Join with me as the ancestors bring forth teachings of Crow Medicine during our time together in Fluelen. As the Black Madonna again bestows her blessing of love and peace upon mankind by awakening us to our true destiny.

It has been a very powerful journey since I have been with each of you and since our last gathering in the Black Forest. The energy is stepping up; all of us are feeling it. We can no longer deny who we are. Each of us is needed to carry our light out into the world and to illuminate the web once again. We must come together to unite in oneness to make our prayers and our visions strong within the cosmic web. We must join together to pray for the next seven generations as the ancestors of the past have prayed for us.

If you are called to Weave the Web of the Grandmother Spider and receive the blessings of the Black Madonna you are invited to share this powerful experience in Fluelen in November. Switzerland is a powerful center of light for the planet and very much holds tremendous knowledge within the mountains protecting the light libraries. The earth is aligning with the star nations preparing to receive higher infusions of light necessary to support the continuous changes the earth will be experiencing and the crystal beings from within the mountain serves as antennae to bring forth these streams of healing light to open the minds and hearts of all who follow the pathway of light. The seminar begins Thursday evening, November 12th and will complete on Sunday, November 15th in the afternoon.

I will be available for personal sessions Tuesday evening, November 10th, Wednesday, November 11th all day and evening and throughout the seminar.

Cost of the seminar is US $ 550.00.

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