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Seed Full Moon

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February 14th -15th

The February Full Moon known as the Seed Full Moon will provide a wonderful opportunity for planetary healing and a time to activate the seed we carry in our hearts. A Full moon is a special time we celebrate each month when the Goddess energy is fully empowered and our ability to manifest greatly heightened. The full moon is connected to our wisdom and intuition. The light of the full moon often illuminates those things that are interfering with our spiritual advancement and provides tremendous opportunities to complete cycles, cleanse and release things from our life that no longer serve us.

On this powerful night I will be gathering with a wonderful group of souls at Phallic Rock, on the remote island of Molokai in the chain of the Hawaiian islands.


The Hawaiians say this is a holy place. Women seeking to have a child come to pray at this stone and will find themselves pregnant. As our group gathers we will set intention this night to give birth to a vision of global oneness and unity. A prayer that all beings have the strength and faith to step forward into their full potential. We will also focus our heart centered intentions on healing the waters of the Pacific Ocean, working with the sound of the whale’s song and the dolphin’s sonar frequency to carry those prayers throughout the living waters.


Molokai is the headquarters for Monsanto in the Hawaiian islands and I am passionate as a steward of the Earth, about bringing awareness to protecting our natural resources and the affect of genetically modified food on our delicate body temples. We will be performing earth healing and prayers of awakening. We need to make changes to our farming practices and we need to support those who respect and honor the earth. We need to recognize the very dirt and soil is sacred and important to our survival. What we do to the skin of the earth mother will impact all living beings. In a seven year, we all have the ability to work with earth magick and alchemy honoring the earth mother. Together, we have a responsiblity to work in harmony with those of the unseen world to repair the cosmic spider web that has been impacted with humankinds ignorance. We can all do this together through the power of focused prayer.


We as a collective consciousness have entered a time of redefining who we are. Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. We are each entering that time of discovering who we really are, healing from a past we have created together and stepping forward. We are each spreading our wings and becoming that magnificent being we were always intended to be.

Take the time to prepare an altar on this night acknowledging the five elements. Make a circle with rose petals, white and red if possible. If you can not find rose petals, any flowers will work. The Full Moon falls on Valentine’s Day, so the energy of love will be even stronger, as all faiths recognize love is the strongest force of all. Light a white candle and place a bowl of water in the center of the altar, as water is a conduit to carry out thoughts and prayers. For those who have the andara crystal, place this in the center of the bowl of water. You can also place a rose quartz or clear quartz in the water.


Our body temples are comprised of 70% water and we are water beings living on a water planet. It is our responsibility to be stewards of this beautiful star that we call home. YOU can make a difference, just by joining together this night with other souls around the planet to focus on sending love. This is a joyous time to be present on our earth star. Under the bowl of water place the image below of the Seed of Life. This sacred symbol was gifted to our world by the ancient Atlantean/Egyptian Priest Thoth, also known as Hermes Trigestus, and is considered to activate the memory of our soul purpose. Many believe this sacred geometric symbol is an inter-dimensional tool, a portal, a star gate, and a window into other realms. Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret. It’s the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.


When a full moon falls on a Friday it is considered even more powerful as it is influenced by Venus, the Goddess of Love. The Full Moon will of course be at its highest influence at different times around the world but what is important is the knowing that we all receive the power of this time, three days before and three days after the full moon. Some calendars depending on where you live will show the Full Moon on Saturday the 15th. Below is a time table for different regions.

Friday, 14th February 2014 1:53pm Molokai, Hawaii

Friday, 14th February 2014 3:53pm San Francisco, California

Friday, 14th February 2014 5:53pm Chicago, Illinois

Friday, 14th February 2014 6:53pm New York, New York

Friday, 14th February 2014 11:53pm Iceland

Friday, 14th February 2014 11:53pm Ireland

Saturday, 15th February 2014 10:53am Sydney, Australia

Saturday, 15th February 2014 12:53am Auckland, New Zealand

Saturday, 15th February 2014 12:53am Germany

Saturday, 15th February 2014 7:53am Beijing, China

Saturday, 15th February 2014 7:53am Indonesia

I often receive inquiries or comments that the timing I share is different from the location you are in. Don’t limit the influence with the exact timing. This is about heart centered focus and collective vision. As our spiritual family from Weave the Web continues to grow in numbers, the power we have in coming together in focused vision and prayer increases.

I will be physically creating a circle in the star gate on Molokai under the Full Moon on Friday, February 14th around 6:30pm Hawaii time. Your prayers and thoughts are like streams of golden light that can be sent to create a collective consciousness of love and intention for the purpose of awakening those still sleeping, a prayer that leaders of the world make right choice and right decision from the heart for the highest good of our global community and a personal prayer to find the strength and courage to be a faith keeper, activating the seed we each carry in our heart.

Visualize sending from your heart a golden strand of light into the bowl of water on your altar. Visualize it flows into the sacred waterways and spirit lines that weave the web of light around our earthstar. Ask to connect with the whale and dolphin spirits to carry your prayers through their high vibrational sounds. If you have a CD with the song of the whales and dolphins, play it while you are doing your prayer and meditation. There song opens our own telepatheic channels and can restore balance to our delicate nervous system. For those who have the whale or dolphin tuning forks you can place the sound in the bowl of water. When you are finished offer the water back to the earth mother or a sacred waterway. If you live in the city offer the water to a plant or into a vase of beautiful flowers.

The Seed Full Moon will ocurr during the second week of the Mercury Retrograde when the retrograde influence is the strongest. As you can see, we have amazing influences allowing us to see where we each need to make a course direction in our own lives to become the full expression of light. Those who have the 2014 Moon Cycle and Ritual Book you will also find a powerful ritual in the book to be performed on this night as well as special rituals for love in the back. There are only a few of these left as we are almost completely sold out of our third printing.

As I do every year, I have created high vibrational oils to support one with the strong influences of the year. These were created at the time of the Winter Solstice and bottled with the first New Moon of 2014. All oils are created in a sacred manner working with alchemy and honoring the nature beings within the natural cycle of the moon times. If you are interested in these oils please see the description below. These can be purchased on the website under Healing Tools. www.whitewolfjourneys.com

DREAMS OF IONA – $50.00  There is a tiny island known as Iona, the Dreaming Isle, in the Scottish Hebrides, believed by many to be one of the most sacred places on earth. Formed by the very oldest of rock. It is a floating island that holds the ancient memory. There is a magick on this land that beckons the heart to look deeper within to discover one’s dream. The combination of the plant medicine and stone beings combined in this magickal blend, creates an opening into the higher realms of consciousness where one can discover their dreams once again. A beautiful blend of high vibrational oils prepared with stones from the mysterious Isle of Iona. Sweet Orange known to uplift the emotions and the mind, relieving tension and anxiety.? Clove known to provide insight into our pain (physical or emotional) assisting us in releasing it with clarity that it no longer serve us. Frankincense, used for purification, deep meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intention, and courage, helping one overcome fear and negative feelings, Elemi, sacred to the ancient Egyptians and known to support rites of passage, transcendence, journeying into the spirit realm. Myrrh, as one of the most holy plants used for purification, dispelling of negative and harmful energies, while protecting one on journeys to the spirit realm. Place on the wrists, rub them together and breathe in this intoxicating blend that transports you into other realms of consciousness. Place on the medulla oblongata known as the dream center, the point where your neck and skull come together. Breathe in deeply and feel yourself move into higher states of awareness to gain clarity.

WISDOM OF THE YEW TREE OIL – $50.00  The earliest cultures referred to Yew as the Tree of Life. The ancient language of the living Yew holds memory and information concerning the pre-earthly origin and spiritual lineage of human beings. The language and lineage of the Yew were carefully guarded and preserved for thousands of years by generations of holy men, mystics and saints known as the Carriers of the Sacred Branch. The human being and the Yew tree belong together. The Yew reveals what is hidden in the human. Every living gesture of the Yew implies the presence of a Divinely given human ability to ‘touch’ an original and ‘unborn’ condition where Spirit arises to breathe the mystery of life into our ’embryonic’ and protoplasmic substance. This represents not only a function of true spiritual Health but also a (Rainbow) bridge to a further human development. The practice that can engage with the power of the tree’s language and lineage in order to support the emergence of a more spiritually developed and responsible human being ready to serve the needs of others. Place on the temples, medulla oblongata, and heart center. Place on the wrists and rub them together. Breathe in this intoxicating scent of the ancient standing tall one. Feel the breath activates the seed you carry inside of your heart. Enter the stillness and listen to the guidance from your heart.

THE SEED OF LIFE – $50.00  This beautiful oil contains a combination of the high vibrational energies known to give life and inspiration to our heart’s true purpose. This is especially powerful to activate the seed we carry inside. Each time you place the oil on your heart center and sit in stillness practicing the Spirit of Aloha breath you are energizing and giving life to the seed you carry. Place also on your wrists. Rub them together and breathe in the essence of the oil. The Spirit of Aloha breath is to sit in stillness and breathe in the spirit of love as you visualize a beautiful ocean wave moving towards you. Be focused on your breath and visualize the wave washes away negative thoughts, doubts, stress and burdens that you carry. The next wave brings new life and the song of the whales to restore balance and harmony assisting us in finding our own soul song. Repeat this process 30 times giving gratitude to the celestial guardians of the sea. The more you work with the high vibrational frequency of this oil the more you will gain clarity as to the seed you carry.

WHALE’S SONG OIL – $50.00  This powerful oil holds the essence of the whale’s song and their sonar frequency that can guide us through times of uncertainly allowing us to explore deep hidden emotional patterns to transform them. Using the rhythm and patterns of sound, the whale teaches us to hear our inner voices, to be in touch with our personal truths, thus knowing wisdom and feeling the heartbeat of the universe. Underwater, whales have poor eye sight, but they have excellent hearing and use a technique called “echo location” to communicate with other whales and find their way through unknown passageways. Their sensitivity to sound and movement connects them to the core energy of primal life. Whale reintroduces us to our creative and intuitive energies to show us a talent we’ve forgotten about or haven’t been aware existed. Whale asks us to recall our past and listen to its stories so we can creatively heal old wounds. Place the oil on your wrists, rub together and breathe in feeling your connection to the ocean. Place on your third eye, the temples and the medula oblangata (the point where the neck and skull come together) The base of the oil is spearmint known for its healing properties. There is also frankincense, lavender, and honey myrtle known for their high vibrational energies to connect one to their knowing heart as well as other essences that support one’s spiritual journey by activating ones internal navigational system. The mother base of the oil holds the sound frequency of the Whale’s Song as it was carried into the Pacific Ocean as I swam with these majestic messengers and guardians of the sacred ocean. As I held the andara crystal in one hand and the mother base in the other, the song of the whale moved through the andara crystal and the oil creating a burst of light into my heart center activating the seed I carry and filling me with a sense of pure bliss.

DOLPHIN’S BREATH – $45.00  This high vibrational oil will help one connect to the realm of the star beings and the spirit of dolphin. Dolphin teaches us that when we live in tune with the patterns and rhythm of nature, we learn how to truly be in touch with, resonate and communicate with All That IS. This magickal oil can help us attune to our natural rhythms and personal timing, opening the intuitive channels for guidance and clarity as when to take action and when to remain still. Breathing life into our dreams. Excellent to place in the bathtub for a ritual bath prior to doing magickal work. Used to center and balance, releasing all negative emotion prior to doing ritual. The dolphin are mystical star beings who teach us the importance of working with the breath. An excellent technique to release negative emotion or worry is to place the dolphin’s breath oil on our wrists, third eye and heart. Rub the wrists together and breathe in deeply. Take in one deep inhale, focus on what you are clearing and release with seven quick bursts of breath. Repeat this breathing technique three times. You will release anger, hurt, disappointment, frustration and anxiousness before it attaches to your energy field.

Wishing you a magickal Full Moon,


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