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 Remember this moment, hold on to this moment.  Breathe it in.  You will need this as a reference point.

golden pink sunset

A little over a month ago as I sat within the red stone elders, a high-pitched ringing jolted me out of a peaceful meditative state.  I was instantly transported to a place that was so familiar I felt a wave of emotion come over me.  I was standing on a beach under a golden pink sunset.  The ocean was gently ebbing and flowing.  I was alone for a brief moment experiencing the joy of just being.  In the next moment a male presence was standing next to me, an elder that I recognized.  I heard myself greet him as father.   I was both witnessing and living this moment.  Something I have done all of my life as I walk the timelines.  What was so significant about this moment were his words to me,  “Remember this moment, hold on to this moment.  Breathe it in.  You will need this as a reference point.”

I was reliving this moment. One of joy, one where everything and everyone around me was in harmony. One where the sunset brought joy, the ocean brought healing, the stillness brought peace.  I remember I questioned  the elder, “Why do I need to remember this moment, as I will experience it tomorrow and the day after”. 

His reply….”Your world is changing.  You need to remember this moment as this is what you will seek.  You will settle for nothing less.  You will experience times that you cannot comprehend.  Humanity will fall into darkness.  Many lifetimes you will seek to recreate this moment.  You will reach a point where every part of your being will know what you are hearing is a lie.  Believe nothing for you will be deceived, you will be lied to and you will be manipulated”.

Madonna rock

Instantly I was back in the red stones, in Sedona, Arizona.  The high pitched ringing in my ear had stopped.  I looked around and I was alone.   I knew without a doubt that I was here for a reason.  In this paradigm of the immediate now, those words rang true…. “Believe nothing, you will be lied to, you will be deceived and you will be manipulated”.  

I have never been one to watch the news but in that moment I decided to stop watching everything.   I choose to NOT listen to either side, nor do I allow myself  to be consumed with conspiracy theories.  If I did my focus would be distracted from creating the reality I choose to experience.  I still have that vision of the golden pink sunsets and I still hear that voice… “Remember this moment”. 

I choose to not allow fear and doubt to enter my consciousness.    I have however based on my TRUTH, and what resonates with me, made a choice that I will refuse to be given any vaccine that this government issues for COVID 19.   Why are they rushing to create something to fight something they can’t understand? Bypassing all guidelines or protocols…why?  I do not believe it is to combat COVID 19 because I know what COVID is from my own dance with the consciousness.  There will always be viruses.  This is a wake up call.

In my deepest knowing I am aware of  exactly what SpaceX is doing and why it was sent into space in the midst of the chaos we are experiencing on earth. I know my truth, and I still have a reference point of what can be. In the midst of this global crisis, instead of placing blame or being distracted, we need to focus on what we as humans have done to our soil, We have depleted it of the very nutrients that can support strong, healthy bodies.  We need to look at what we have done to the very sustenance we consume.  We need to look at what we have done to our waters and to our air.    We need to pay attention to the choices we make each day and how we are going to move forward to  take care of our own body temples.   Everything we do is out of harmony with nature and is generated by greed.  This is our greatest opportunity to get ourselves back into harmony but it is our choice.  We spend far too much time blaming each other.  That is getting us nowhere.  I know I am being lied to, deceived and manipulated.

terrestrial beings visit

My pink golden sunsets still remain vivid in my memory and I remember another way off being. It is there deep in my soul.   We as a collective consciousness must step into a higher awareness than to be consumed with the confusion swirling around us.

I have also witnessed the skies filled with extraterrestrial activity in the last few months above the Sedona red rocks and I do believe we have assistance and support, but we need to help ourselves.  You cannot think for yourself, if you are consumed with the news (either side) or even conspiracy theories.  Somewhere in the middle of everything you are being bombarded with you will find YOUR truth.  We continue to experience a world changing forever.   I am choosing to see the gifts we are being given in the upheaval.    You can’t see the gifts if you are in fear or consumed with someone else’s opinion.  You can’t feel your truth if you do not sit in stillness and go inward.   Seek the guidance of nature.  Embrace the truth you will find there.  It has no hidden agenda, it never comes from a place of greed, control or fear.  It seeks to harmonize and support the world of human but we need to open to receive the gifts it offers.

wearing a mask

I have been asked many times how I feel about wearing masks.  This is my belief about masks.  I choose to wear a mask, because I choose to make my own decision and that is to respect the health and well-being of others.  I choose to show I am part of a caring, consciousness and that this is NOT all about me.   I don’t choose to take sides from a political point of view.  For me it is simple.  If you are asked to wear it, do so, out of courtesy and respect to show that you as a human care about another.  No one can take away your choice to choose kindness and compassion.   If you don’t want to wear it, then don’t, just stay home.  I respect your choice.   I am not fearful, but others are, so I seek to ease their fear.

looking into mirror

I also look at this current state of the human condition…”Wear a mask or don’t” through the lens of my heart.   We as a human, wear masks every day.  When we act a certain way or respond to the demands of our family and friends, giving in to maintain peace.  When we live life under the expectation of others.  When we do what others want us to do for fear we will no longer be loved….we are wearing a mask!  When we hide the truth of who we are from those we fear will judge us…we are wearing a mask! How you choose to experience each moment is your choice.

I believe with all of my heart that I AM FINE.  I believe YOU ARE FINE and I believe WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE FINE.  We are in intense labor pains as we collectively birth a new world and we need to stay aware, be positive and choose how we individually want to move through this.  At times it hurts but in the end we will be fine if we choose to be FINE!  The comeback is always greater than the setback.

As I have had such a powerful response to the Rose Readings, I am offering them once again for the upcoming New Moon.

Phyllorhodomancy is known as the prophecy of the rose.  In ancient times those who followed the Path of the Rose understood the symbology of the leaf, stem and flower of the rose.  The color played a significant role as well.  The rose was used as a divination tool to speak directly to one’s heart for truth and guidance.   With a Rose Reading, the rose chooses you.  I ask specifically for the flower being that wishes to share with you.  I utilize the stillness to go into a deep meditation as I connect with your soul essence.  I channel the guidance of the rose to bring forth a message.  The rose is carried into the Apex of the Sedona Hexagram in sacred ceremony after which I  allow the petals to dry and create a personal talisman for you, combining sacred herbs and crystals.   I type the messages of guidance and send to you via email.  I then post your rose talisman which allows you to attract anything you might wish into your life.  It also protects one from negative energy and vibrations that lower you being in a state of higher love.  If you would like to order one please contact Guy at [email protected].

Kia Kaha, Be Strong.  Be Love

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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