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Limitation exists only in our MIND!

Use the Power of the New Moon Solar Eclipse to create Positive Change 


Sometimes you may feel you are not welcome in this world.  Those days when everything seems to go upside down and your life falls apart.   When our past still haunts us and the future eludes us.  Take heart dear ones because no matter what….  you’ve  got a fire Inside.  The question is…. will you let it burn?  It’s a fire that exists within each of us.  Starlight yet to be manifested.  Use the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse to ignite that flame once again.


As I stood on top of the magnificent mother mountain known as Mount Shasta at 3:00am, I felt the power of the recent total lunar eclipse.  My journey with the andara crystal began 11 years ago beneath another  total lunar eclipse on this very mountain. 


What a journey it has been since that night eleven years ago.    Guidance from the Master Teacher Saint Germaine, to give birth to what would become my journey stone of love.  The andara began a journey that has allowed me to weave the web to every continent, to  pray for peace and oneness with thousands of magnificent souls.  So many of you have joined me on this journey and shared these moments as together we have woven the web.   I am so grateful for each of you who have placed your prayer into the andara crystal as it continues to be woven along the cosmic spider web.  The mystery of life and where it takes us when we open up to the magick is the beauty of our journey, so divinely orchestrated by spirit.

As I held the andara crystal  over my heart during the totality of the eclipse,  it began to pulsate.   I was given a glimpse of every continent I had been guided to carry  the stone of love to and the thousands of souls who are woven into the web.   I was shown we are making a difference.  Even at times if it feels we are not, every prayer you make, every act of kindness you share and every time you love without condition is making a difference.  The Web was illuminated with light as it sparkled in starlight.


For those who chose to experience the early morning hours and brave the cold, the celestial skies opened and we witnessed no less than 30 shooting stars.  Many cultures believe that shooting stars are Gods and Goddesses coming to earth.  I can assure you, we were blessed that night with many visitors.  We offered roses to the mountain in gratitude.  In that moment, I knew without a doubt that there is a God somewhere and she is laughing at this species we call human.

Shining, glistening  stars seemed to congregate above  the mountain as though the whole world was vibrating with love.  The total lunar eclipse was illuminating those places within us that rarely see the light.  The places where we hide our fears and secrets.   The cracks that exist between our memories.  That place where our dreams live.

Looking up I was reminded we still have a lot to learn.  We each do the best we can each day.  Some days we will shine with a brilliant light and other days we will fall down.  Such is the journey.    What matters is do you have the courage to get up the next day and try this human experience again.


Standing in the root chakra of the planet, Mount Shasta, where the dragon spirit is strong made my own heart, pulsate with light.    I remembered the vow I had taken so long ago, the Code of the Dragon.   The one that keeps me starting again each day, committed to be of service with the knowledge that when this earth journey is complete the only thing that will matter is how deeply did you love.   Not just the person who is easy to love, but the lost one that journeys along side of you.  


So many days we are uncertain as to what the future holds.   During a recent shamanic journey on the mountain we were gifted with a powerful message from the animal kingdom.  As we sat in stillness at the place of reflection on the waters edge, I watched with delight as a  beautiful squirrel sat also in stillness upon a rock gazing into the water.  I watched him pause and turn back.  Moments later he returned only to hesitate and again retreat to safety.  All of a sudden he came running back and leaped into the water to swim to the other side.  I could not believe what I was seeing as I have never seen a squirrel swim.

It was clear he did not fall in, he made a committed leap to get to the other side.  Squirrel is the animal of trust and the message was now clear.  If we don’t take that leap of faith and jump into the river we will never know what is on the other side.  For me I will use this New Moon Solar Eclipse to do just that.  I will take that leap of faith and jump into the river of change as I know everything I desire is on the other side.  I pray you have the courage to do the same.


With the healing planet Chiron in opposition to the “war God” Mars … healing inner turmoil has never been more important … or urgent!?  This will be amplified with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 23rd.   Everything you do to focus on healing yourself and others is super-charged for your benefit in these energies.   Chiron the wounded healer has been retrograde since June which is adding to the intensity of the emotional charges we are each experiencing.

This intensified with the recent eclipse is forcing us to deal with our personal issues.  Chiron has been traveling IN RETROGRADE through Pisces and stirring everything up that has been stored in our living waters.  Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus so is often seen as a bridge between the old and the new. Chiron is the messenger that shares with us that our personal wounds can be our greatest opportunities for growth.    Chiron is our shame, regrets, betrayals, dissapointments and guilts.  The danger of Chiron moving through the watery planet Pisces is we can easily fall into a  VICTIM consciousness.  We will tend to feel sorry for ourselves and blame others for our unhappiness.

Chiron prods and pokes at deep hurts seeking to open them once again so that they can be flushed out and cleansed in order to complete the healing process. This is the time to allow yourself to feel the pain, to reflect upon the scars that you bare. Whether physical or emotional, Chiron teaches you that your wounds are not your weaknesses, they are your strengths. This will be amplified with the solar eclipse so use this time wisely.  It will go direct on the 23rd of November.


Our journey in New Zealand on the mystical island known as Waiheke Island begins on the 23rd of October with the New Moon Solar Eclipse.  A powerful time to set intentions for new beginnings and join together in prayer.   Even if things feels murky and confused, a  spark has been ignited that will manifest into all you desire if you hold on and continue to nurture that flame.

Take the time to be in stillness and focus on the seed you carry in your heart pulsating with light.  Envision that you climb to the top of a mountain.  From that point of vision you can gain guidance for your earth walk.  From this vantage point you can see the obstacles and the path you keep repeating.  Here you can gain insight into the path that will truly guide you where you desire to be.  It is the perspective that comes from the heart.  Take a running leap and jump off that cliff.  You will find you can soar higher than you ever thought you could.

Instill that vision in your consciousness and repeat the following words.  “I AM SO GRATEFUL TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND ALL THE RIGHT RESOURCES THAT WILL SUPPORT ME IN MANIFESTING MY DREAM”.  Visualize your light illuminating the cosmic spider web and ask how you can be of service.


One final word of caution, Mercury goes direct on the 25th of this month and it is ALWAYS most intense a couple days before it goes direct as well as a few days after when it enters into the shadow.  Emotions will run high and communication will be a confused mess.  Patience will be required as we will all tend to be more sensitive than usual.

For our German speaking family, this will be the last translation done by Carola Fragner.  Please take the time to thank her for her beautiful service she has provided for everyone over  these past few years for White Wolf Journeys.  She can be reached at [email protected] .  She will be greatly missed but we are very excited to see her soar.   If you have any inquiries or questions regarding upcoming events, journeys or would like assistance in placing orders with German translation, please contact Lucia at [email protected] in the future.  I am in the process of coordinating the journeys and workshops for 2015 as well as working on the 2015 Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Ritual Book and will be sending out announcements in November.

Happy New Beginnings, Love and rainbows, from New Zealand, Robbyne

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