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Planetary Influences for May


The fifth planet to retrograde  this month is Mercury, and will begin its retrograde cycle on April 28th adding to the already super charged influences of the month.   Just a reminder that patience is required with a Mercury Retrograde as it influences communication and decision making.  I always make the decision I WILL NOT make a decision during a Mercury Retrograde.  Instead I will be more observant to the signs and messages being presented to me, gathering information and listening for the unspoken.  Be aware, if it is possible to avoid making major purchases or signing contracts,  it is best to do so after Mercury goes direct on May 22nd.
Just a word of caution, there is a tendency of being more sensitive than usual and miscommunication occurs quite frequently.   Continue to use these influences in a positive manner to go within, in search of answers, truth and healing.    This is an excellent time to research the inspired thought that often times comes when we allow ourselves to be still and quiet.  Creative ideas seem to blossom.  Try to avoid conversations that are touchy as emotions run high and conversations can turn into full-blown arguments.
On April 30th the sacred wheel turns and in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate All Hollows Eve also known as Sam Hein.  A powerful night to connect with the ancestors as well as finish up projects we have yet to complete.  In the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate Beltane a powerful time of creativity and fertility.  I have posted wonderful rituals to our online subscription series for those who are subscribers.  Please click here to log in.
Taurus New Moon
On May 6th we have a New Moon in Taurus providing a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with rituals focused on health, wealth and the manifestation of our dreams.  Through sacred ritual we engage with forces far greater than ourselves.  We can harness the power of air, fire, water and earth to create magick, as we honor and reestablish the alliance between the world of human and that of the unseen.  The new moon in Taurus is an earth sign so the intention of working with this moon is manifesting into our physical experience, health, wealth and new endeavors.    On this night initiate something grand for yourself.   You’ll reap the rewards in the fall, under the light of the Taurus full moon on November 14.  I have posted a special New Moon Ritual to celebrate the influence of Taurus.  Please click here to log in.
The full moon this month is in Sagittarius and dedicated to the Goddess Diana, goddess of the hunt.  Under the Sagittarian full moon the hunt represents our quest for wisdom, engaging the fire of aspiration that takes us into a larger view of the world.  Diana has nothing on her mind but the desire in her heart.   She listens only to the dream that exists within the seed she carries in her heart.  She cannot be distracted by outside influences or the lives of others.  The power of her magick is to hunt down all that she desires.  She carries a golden bow and never runs out of arrows.  She never misses her target.  Diana is a powerful presence to call upon at the time of a Sagittarian full moon to help with focus, commitment and direction towards ones dreams and desires.   Diana is never discouraged.   Her symbols are the bow, arrow, the deer and the moon.   I have posted a full powerful ritual to call in the Goddess and will post a guided meditation next week as well.
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Remember to take the time to be still and work with these influences, as they will support you in this Year of Self Mastery.
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