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October 13th – 14th – Aires Full Moon

October Full Moon

The Full Moon is always a powerful time for seeing things clearly, a perfect time for wish-making and connecting with our desires. Focused energy can help us manifest things quickly as we become clear on what it is we are wanting and not wanting. Aires energy is all about moving through obstacles, pushing forward, listening to your own heart to determine what your needs are. Aires energy is passionate, determined and focused with desire and confidence. This is a time of seeing things with new eyes, finding solutions that seemingly didn’t exist until now as we move in the direction of infinite possibility.  The Aires Full Moon will provide a boost of energy, momentum to move forward, focused, empowered and enthusiastic as it ignites the creative spark and potential within.

Prepare an altar with bright colored flowers of red, orange and yellow.  Flowers of vibrant potency.  Add a red candle to invoke passion, desire, focus and confidence.  For those that have the Dragon’s Fire Oil, place on your wrists and heart.  Annoint the candle with a drop of the oil.   Breathe deeply and begin to feel the essence of the dragon breathing through you.  Place the oil on the altar as this is night offers a potent energy to charge your crystals, oils and sacred objects.  Add a small bowl of cinnamon and ground ginger.  The following crystals are connected to the Aires energy assisting us in seeing other pathways that were not visible before.  Carnelian – restores vitality and motivation, as it stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices  for success  Red Jaspar – strengthens your foundation – works with the first and second chakras to eliminate fear and promote courage.  Also activate the creative spark.     Citrine the stone of success.  Golden Calcite – stepping into a leadership role.  Aires is a trailblazer and pushes us forward into the unknown with hope, vision and purpose.  Add a bowl of water that you will use to capture the essence of the moonlight when you place it beneath the moon and add your stone beings to the water.  The healing properties they carry will be infused into the water and you will be able to drink the water over the next few days.  Keep it in your refrigerator and add a few drops to your water each day until the next lunation of the October New Moon.  Light your candle and sit in stillness to receive any guidance your heart wishes to share.

This is such a powerful night to receive support that I encourage you to place a large bucket or bowl full of water directly beneath the full moon.  It will be infused with the powerful energy of the Aires full moon.  The next morning place your feet in the water.  Water is a conduit and serves as a spiritual MRI.  The water is an intelligence that will record what you need for support…healing, confidence, etc…. Invoke the faery folk and landscape angel with a heart full of gratitude.  Pour the water back to the earth.  The enchanted ones will shift the energetic grid of your home to support you with all that you need.


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