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New Moon Solar Eclipse

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Final Phase of the Month of


April 29th, 2014


We are all in a major phase of breaking down, breaking through and life changing transformations. Following the spectacular total Lunar Eclipse mid month, and the Grand Cross Alignment which we are now moving through, we have one more phase of this transformational cycle. April 29th brings the New Moon Solar Eclipse.


Leading up to the solar eclipse we can benefit from making an effort to clear out the clutter of our lives (accumulated clutter in our homes, closets, desks, relationships…etc.) so we are truly ready for the new energy and beginnings that May offers. Many of you are already feeling the need to clear out unwanted baggage of every kind.

Solar eclipses always occur on a New Moon, creating the effect of a Super New Moon and a powerful time for rituals. The New Moon offers the perfect time for you to stop and think things through, clear your space, speak your truth, and invite the Universe in. The eclipse realigns the earth’s electromagnetic field and our own individual energy field. Eclipses are meant to assist us in deleting old programs and upload new templates of change.

Eclipses stimulate our inner vision and creativity. They facilitate awakening our soul’s blueprint and in the Year of the Seed of Life it can activate our full potential. 


To prepare to work with the earth magick this New Moon Solar Eclipse can offer, you will need the following:

  • Fresh flowers (red, yellow and orange – sunflowers to honor the earth mother
  • a plate to put candles on
  • Any personal objects that bring special meaning to your altar
  • Citrine, red jasper and carnelian gemstones.
  • Red, orange and yellow candles
  • Spring water in a bowl to honor the lunar goddess
  • Sunflower seeds? placed in a bowl to honor the sun
  • Incense?
  • Paper and pen?


On the paper write in detail all that you want to invite into your life. Clarity and wisdom will be the gifts from the total lunar eclipse and the Grand Cross alignment. For extra power write with a red pen, as red is the color that supercharges and activates energy. The written word is so very powerful. 75% of what we write down happens when we place focused intention and heartfelt desire. It’s a phenomenon that many have experienced. Writing is a powerful way to focus our attention. The act of writing your intentions and desires on paper sends a strong message to both your conscious and unconscious mind that you are serious and committed to manifesting change.? Working with the energy of the Solar Eclipse New Moon amplifies the power and possibilities available to us. Dreams begin with inspired thought. We need to act upon the inspired thought but must be clear it is coming from the heart. Once we are clear, we must be committed. That means you need to ask yourself, “Have I cleared the path, have I let go of the lesser to make room for the greater”?

To invoke an even stronger connection to your divine self, your dreams and the Universe, prepare an altar using the power of three.

?The Power of Three? – Three creates the sacred symbol of the pyramid, the symbol for fire and the power of the solar energy that comes from the sun. It is the number of passion, creativity, and the expression of a new identity. After you complete your list, pick the three ‘desires’ that most deeply resonate with you. Fold the list towards you and place it under the plate that holds the three candles and three gem stones.?

Light the candles and hold the three gemstones in your hand. Take three deep breaths in, the first opens your heart center, the second breath activates your power center (solar plexus) and the third breath opens the wisdom center (third eye). With purpose state the following:

Dear Goddess…on this mystical, new moon solar eclipse, I AM grateful to the universe to align myself with all the right people and resources that manifest in the immediate now… (state the 3 most important items from your dream list) into my life.

Speak your wishes out loud three times. Do NOT blow out the Candles. Let the candles burn for as long as you are focused. Take the time to sit in stillness and listen for guidance. When you are complete, use a candle snuffer or wet your fingers and pinch the flame out.? Keep your ritual candles in a safe place to again use next month. Save your list and when you write next month’s New Moon list, see what has manifested. You may find that your priorities have shifted or your inpired thought has led to new desires. Keep your three stones with you as they hold the intention of your dreams.

For those who may be interested in my 2014 Moon Cycle and Sabbat Ritual Book we have found (in clutter clearing) that we still have a few of these available for the Northern Hemisphere. We have sold out of the Southern Hemisphere and German version. If anyone is interested please click here. For those in the northern hemisphere April 30th/May 1st brings Beltane. For those in the Southern hemisphere the wheel turns and you will experience the magick of SamHein. These are the times when the veil is thinnest and our connection with the enchanted world is the strongest. You will find very special rituals in the book to enhance the magick of this time.

Wishing you a magickal New Moon Solar Eclipse and the beginning of wondrous new opportunities and dreams.

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Love and dragon cuddles from Mount Shasta, Robbyne

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