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Moon Bathing with the Epona Full Moon of June

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As we continue to move forward on our spiritual journey at an ever-accelerating rate through these retrogrades, the beliefs we have held on to for so long are coming up for review.  Just a reminder that this Full Moon in June occurring on the 17th/18th is dedicated to the White Horse Goddess Epona and offers a grand opportunity to journey inward to reclaim both our gifts and talents as well as face our fears and clear out our limiting beliefs.

For the healers, teachers, and nurturers, this is a profound moment to shift the belief that you need to save everyone.  Those with an open heart want to be there for everyone but at the cost of neglecting themselves.  We are needing to shift that belief.  Two beliefs that I honor,   the willingness to step aside and not be pulled into someone’s drama.  This is a fragile moment where we are raw and open.   We need to honor ourselves as we prepare for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse.    To do so, I always ask myself, “Why do I want to spiritually babysit someone who does not really want to grow up?”  I am not judging them for their choices as we all move at different speeds.  I am merely asking myself if I need to withdraw from being in that energy field to allow myself to move forward.

The other question I pose to myself is…”Where is my energy better served?”  If you take a moment and reflect on these insights, you will find you align with individuals who are moving forward and create a supportive energy of change.  With several planets now retrograde, especially the influence of Saturn the Planet of Karma and Pluto the planet of  transformation, this brings us to a time of reflection about power and control in our life. Letting go of the things which have control over you, addictive behaviours, limiting thought forms, insecurities and self doubt, reliving the painful experiences of the past, unresolved anger and judgment.   Life is for the living, be grateful for each moment and allow yourself to experience the  joy in the present.    Neptune, the planet of Hopes and Dreams is already preparing to begin its  retrograde cycle and with the powerful Epona Full moon, we can easily be emotionally triggered.  For those who are members of our online subscription series, I have posted a ritual to invoke the powers of Epona and an audio, guided meditation to take you deeper into the energies with this powerful Full Moon.  Please click here

I encourage you to take the time and do a little moon bathing beneath this delicious full moon.   Wishing you an enchanted night of  magick, receiving the gifts of Epona as you reclaim the true essence of you.

Love and moonbeams, Robbyne

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