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Magick over Uluru

As the sun set before the eclipse, I knew it set for the last time on the old energy patterns we had carried, our fear, our doubts, our insecurities and most importantly the untruths we had lived.  I knew that even with the small amount of sleep I would get before this celestial event I would be charged with energy.   A very early wake up call after little sleep, and we found ourselves under a crystal clear sky at 4:30am near Uluru, sacred stone of the Anangu people of Australia. Although it was bitter cold, -1 degree centigrade with frost on the ground, we bundled up in multiple layers to experience this phenomenal event of a very rare total lunar eclipse.  The sky was fall of activity with so many shooting stars falling into the earth dimension as we prepared for the precise moment of totality.

What made this a rare lunar eclipse, was the center point of the Earth’s shadow was on the actual disk making the totality of the eclipse last for 100 minutes. The last time a lunar eclipse was closer to the center of the earth’s shadow was on July 16, 2000 and we will not experience a lunar eclipse of this intensity again until July 27, 2018.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the shadow of Earth, symbolic of the window of clarity that opens during the actual eclipse. This provides us with a rare opportunity to understand fully our earth experience and see clearly what has changed as we begin to dream a new dream at the source of the Rainbow Serpent.  As I played the three crystals singing bowls I could feel the light of thousands of souls all over the world joining with us in the dreamtime.  With so much activity in the sky I knew great leaders were also coming to earth as the next generation of seed carriers, and collectively we were opening the way, so they could in turn guide our journey.   Under the darkness of the night we could hear the chanting and prayers of the Aboriginal guardians who had gathered in the rocks nearby activating the dreamtime.   Following my guidance that the cosmic web that joins each of us together was now  being activated to awaken those souls still sleeping under the shadow of illusion, I placed the obsidian crystal skull known as EB(for video on EB click here) on the ground beneath the brilliant night sky.   This triology of three eclipses was bringing all of humankind to a time of choosing.

Each of us are the dreamers, who have traveled our own unique path to arrive at this moment.   We stand at that cross roads where we choose to change directions and give life to the 11:11 seed we carry.   NO ONE greater than the other and NO ONE of  less importance than the other.

I have been asked for years to write the story of this journey as an earth walker.  A journey  that began to accelerate in  1999 just after the Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 11th and the Grand Fixed Cross Alignment.   It was then that I became the guardian of the obsidian stone being.     I could feel every part of my being vibrate as picture after picture appeared.  The last time I felt this way, was just after the solar eclipse in 1999, the day my life would change forever.  I heard the voice that had spoken to me so many times in my early childhood repeating the message, “Never fall asleep, you are here to awaken those still sleeping.” Little did I know where I would be guided next.  The book would have to wait as I knew a new chapter was beginning and timing was now accelerating.

Being at Uluru where this iconic stone guardian is positioned on the cosmic web, allowed us the precise timing of watching the Full Moon come back into her full brightness just as she set and gave birth to a brilliant new sun.

The first sunrise of the new dream.

I found that I did indeed have great clarity as to the next part of my journey.  I didn’t need to know the details, I just needed to feel the changes within my heart  as the first rays of the new sun touched my heart and  the visions came.

Following the sunrise, we traveled to the sacred water hole where it is said the Rainbow Serpent lives.   Here the celestial waters first enter into the earth dimension as the rain falls flowing from the top of Uluru over the vibrant red rock. Through the deep crevice that looks like a serpent moving down the canyon wall, the light from the Andromeda star brought the next wave of love to earth.     As I played the singing bowls, Gina called forth the guardians and together, we all called forth the spirit of the Rainbow Serpent. The water in the sacred water hole that had been perfectly still and the wind silent, now dramatically changed and at that precise moment two winds came.  One from the right was warm and the one from the left was cold.  The water began to ripple with movement and it was clear the Rainbow Serpent was alive and moving.

It felt surreal as I felt myself move in and out of dimensions. I was the observer of what was taking place in the unseen world as well as what I now watched in the visible world before me.  As Gina moved through the initiation her soul had called her to the sacred rock to move through, I saw a young  aboriginal child shape shift and now stand along side this powerful and wise medicine woman who had chosen to be born this time into the body temple of a beautiful white woman.  The familiar sense of knowing this soul many lifetimes now revealed the deep connection I had felt to her.  The stranger who felt so familiar when we first met her at the Uluru airport less than 48 hours before.  I smiled at the magick that had begun with our communication over the internet several months before and understood even clearer my role as a messenger and weaver of the web.  I knew the guardians of  Spider Rock in Canyon de Chellys had called me here to join with the aboriginal ancestors who guarded this sacred place of the rainbow serpent.  Spider Rock is positioned on the same ley line as Uluru and holds the mystery of creation through grandmother spider woman.

The serpent energy of the north had joined with that of the southern hemisphere to continue to stabilize the changes that had begun several years ago.    I needed to only stand at this place as thousands of beautiful souls from our spiritual family joined together with collective focus to begin to dream the new dream.  As the rainbow serpent began to move, it was clear the next part of my journey as an earth walker was beginning.  I would continue to travel the obsidian line to join together with the rainbow tribe that had been positioned all over the world.  For now I just needed to sit in stillness and listen to the guidance that was coming very quickly.   I needed to reflect on all that had happened in the last few days and I needed to prepare for what lay ahead.   (Join me tomorrow for the next part of the journey to Kata Tujata.

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