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January Planetary Influences brings a special gift

Happy 2017 Everyone

Mercury goes Direct – January 8, 2017

Mercury goes direct today,  providing us with an opportunity to once again look inward as we focus on the new nine year cycle that began at the time of the turning of the wheel on December 21st when we began the Year of the Goddess Awakening. With the forward movement of Mercury we begin a rare astrological event. An entire month when we have all planets in our solar system moving in a direct and forward motion.   It will last for only one month so take advantage of this gift that will provide long lasting rewards.   Seen as a time of great fortune providing a powerful window to take advantage of new opportunities. It is a time when the Earth’s perspective momentarily becomes like the Sun’s. The vibrations of the solar system will be providing some of their strongest solar assistance for those prepared to take on new endeavours. If you goal is health and well being, start to find balance in your life. If you have an inspired thought, act on it. Don’t waste this rare gift we are being given. Be hopeful, renew your commitment to be of service and take the first step into a world of unlimited possibilities. The key is to change your perspective and be willing to venture into unchartered lands.

For those interested in awakening the Goddess within, I continue to offer Personal Retreats on Mount Shasta. I do have a few personal journeys still open but am filling up quickly. Find your passion, find the joy of your earth walk, restore balance and nurture your spirit in the arms of the Goddess as you find your heart song and emerge fully into the unseen world.  When the Goddess awakens within, you become an unstoppable force and your life is transformed into a limitless, joyful and abundant experience.

December 12th – The first Full Moon of 2017

The Goddess is beckoning you to come bask in Her radiance and wisdom again. The January full moon Known as the Wolf Full Moon is dedicated to the Wolf Goddess Lupa.   She is a Roman goddess of fertility and earth. One who shape shifts into the wolf. She is also identified as Artemis in Greek mythology. Wolves are always associated with the full moon. For the Native Americans they are the teacher and have much to teach the human as the Goddess Awakens. They are her constant companions. Shape shifting has a lot to do with the moon and when the moon is full, the Goddess becomes a wolf. Ones wild, passionate nature is awakened. A full moon affects gravity at times making us feel out of balance. The full expression of the Goddess at the time of the Full moon altars the tides, impacts our living waters, attitudes and behavior. The moon is spiritually and physically linked to women and the full moon awakens the Goddess illuminating our path for those who take the time to honor this powerful time in sacred ritual and ceremony. The Wolf Moon awakens the huntress and the wild nature within. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, fertility, childbirth, pregnant women, wild animals, wolves, dogs, deer, and the forests. For those who are members of our online Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Ritual series I have posted a Full Moon Ritual to connect with the Wolf Goddess.      Please click here.   I will also be posting  a guided meditation to connect with the Wolf Goddess shortly.  Just an update for our annual subscribers, I am still working on the personal messages.   These will be sent via email  to those who have renewed their an annual subscription and  for those who choose to subscribe for 2017.

January 28, 2017 New Moon

The Chinese New Year 2017 the year of the  Red Fire Rooster will begin on January 28, 2017 with the new moon. The rooster being the sign of a new dawn and awakening, triumph and success achieved with hard work, commitment and patience in 2017. The rooster rises with the Sun so the ritual for this New Moon is most powerful if performed with the sunrise. For those who ordered the Sunrise Shell this is the perfect time to charge your shell by placing it on your altar. Good habits and regular exercise will also keep us productive during potentially uncertain times. Preventative medicine like massage, acupuncture and a vitamin-rich diet is highly advised for  2017. Clean eating gets another boost from the Rooster year, adding more spices (turmeric, cinnamon) along with  raw juices and smoothies.  Putting healthy practices in place will support one in staying grounded and in balance. A new moon ritual has been posted for our online subscribers. Click Here

Wishing you the courage to navigate through the January window of unlimited possibilities.

Love and wolf cuddles, Robbyne

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