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Inspirations from the New Moon

Happy New Moon Everyone:

We are still under the influence of this most powerful new Moon in Gemini and I hope each of you took the time to prepare an altar and place your intentions for new projects, new endeavors, and powerful new beginnings.  A doorway truly opened yesterday for those who did take the time to place intentions to step into your full potential.   I am happy to share with you that after years of students and clients asking me to create a meditation CD, on the day of this wonderful new moon of manifestation, I began the project of creating my first Meditation CD utilizing the healing sounds of the crystal Singing Bowls and the magenta tuning fork.  Working with a very gifted recording expert, musical artist and a beautiful soul, George Ashie who owns Obonu Songs Studios, the first of many projects was set in motion.    We even took pictures to prove I was hard at work!


The following meditations were created to bring you into the state of inner peace and bliss that each of us seek.   All the Masters who have walked upon the earth have shared that the purpose of our human journey is to experience and express happiness.  This state of being is expressed only when we are centered, fully present in the moment and our energy bodies are open, clear and in alignment with the divine source. I have used the incredible healing sounds from the crystal singing bowls of Mount Shasta in these powerful meditations.    The first meditation is to clear the energy fields of old energies, disappointments, hurts, betrayals, self-doubt, guilt and fear.  To release the energies that creates separation from our divine self.  The second meditation is to bring forth the magenta healing ray that vibrates at the frequency of oneness and universal love, opening the upper heart chakra to express the divine and connect one to everything and everyone.  The Magenta Ray holds the blueprint of our soul potential and divine mission.  When we are vibrating at this frequency we are able to transcend the limitations of duality and open up to the greatest expression of love and divine service.

During the 8-hour power time of the New Moon, I   filled the sacred medicine wheel with herbs and oils to charge them with the energy of manifestation, as I will be preparing a new line at the request of many of you, of White Wolf Journeys Ritual Bundles.  These are the companions to many of the rituals listed in my 2009 Ritual Book.      Each Ritual Bundle will contain unique items from around the world that have been blessed in ceremony and Moon rituals, empowered to assist you on your personal journey when performing ceremony and ritual in your own sanctuaries.  All of these new items will be charged with the upcoming Full Moon on June 7th.  This powerful moon is not only known, as the Honey Moon, it is also the third moon known as the Three High Moons of Spring.  Ritual Bundles for abundance and new business endeavors, romance and new relationships, health and healing, protection, clarity and inner journey work, dissolving old energy ties, uncrossing and many more.  Each will contain the candles necessary for the ritual, already cleansed and prepared, and various items as I mentioned from around the world.   You will have everything you need and the specific instructions to enhance your altars and ceremonies.

Look for these new items to be posted soon as well as the introduction of the latest White Wolf Journeys Oil… *Crows Magick. * We are putting the final touches on these projects and all will be ready for purchase soon.

Wishing you a magical week.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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