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Final Total Lunar Eclipse of Awakening


September 27/28th   

In the US, Canada, Central and South America, the Total Lunar eclipse will begin on the evening of September 27th.  In Europe, Asia, Africa, the Arctic, in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans it starts on September 28th.   The eclipse will last 1 hour and 12 minutes providing a tremendous opportunity for personal transformation.


During this super full moon lunar eclipse a wave of energy will be sent to our water planet amplifying the awakening process.  The 11:11 code we each carry will be activated once again, flooding our consciousness with truth, filling our hearts with light. At the same time while we are still under the influence of Uranus in Retrograde, we will be feeling the need to break free from restriction.  We no longer  want to be labeled, we don’t want to be boxed in and we will feel a fighting spirit to break free of the illusion and doubts that we have created.

The affect is not just a one-day occurrence; this is an energy, a wave of light that it is building with intensity. It will illuminate everything in our life that needs to change at the time of the eclipse.  Our beliefs, our thoughts, our relationships, our way of expressing our service.  This awakening is occurring personally and collectively.  Impacting everything globally and politically.

The Case of the Warped Galactic Ring

Remember this is a planet of duality.  Opposing forces moving towards one another trying to find the still point.    This is a picture of the milky way that has an actual image of the infinity sign depicting our journey on a planet of polarity.  Its truly written in the stars.

We can be that still point as we each make a personal commitment to be the shining light and the vessel of love that actualizes the seed we carry inside our heart center.    It is occurring in every way possible.  From resistance and activism to chaos and violence.  More and more people are being called to be the voice of peace and justice to ensure the web is healed.  This can only occur when we first heal ourselves.

The healing I refer to is letting go of our past wounds, letting go of our judgments.  Becoming more aware of the damage we do to the web each day through greed, negative thoughts, and fear.  We are being called to see ourselves as we really are: free of old wounds and outdated beliefs, magnificent expressions of the God and Goddess.   We are limitless and we are MAGNIFICENT.     As part of that process, our wounds and beliefs will flare up, becoming magnified, for the purpose of us addressing them and clearing them once and for all.  It will create challenges and our old fears will come to the surface.

The positive aspect of the final total lunar eclipse in the Tetrad of four carries an energy much like walking a labyrinth.  There are three parts to be experienced.

At the time the full moon is ECLIPSING we have an opportunity to eclipse the old beliefs we have been operating under that cause us to feel less than who we are.  The self imposed limitations and negative belief we have that holds us back.


While the Moon is in the totality we have the ability to TRANSFORM our beliefs and ourselves by opening the heart to receive the wave of love being gifted at this time.  We can then send it through the web  as a collective  wave of light.


As the moon comes out of the eclipse we have an opportunity to see our path ILLUMINATED with light and ask for guidance how we can become that expression of light to guide others.

I can not express enough how powerful this event is.  Gather together with others of like mind, create an altar to receive the light, sit in stillness and connect once again to your divine self.  One thing I want to share is this is nature at her best.  Nature does not bang drums or blow horns creating a grand entrance.  Everything in nature happens subtly. The seed just silently rises and pushes through the earth when it is ready.  The fern frond quietly unfolds, the flower gently opens.

Do not be under the illusion that the eclipse brings immediate results to our challenges personally or globally.  You will feel it and you will most certainly begin to feel changes, but if you have an expectation that our world is fixed over night you will be in judgment and become disheartened.  We are changing moment by moment.  You just need a faith so strong it can not be shattered.  Trust so deep within you heart you keep believing.  Recognition that some days will most assuredly be easier than others.  Most importantly a commitment to be the best that you can be.

I will be posting a guided meditation for the Total Lunar eclipse on the website for those who are members of our online subscription.  The New moon solar eclipse and equinox rituals have now been posted.

I will be on the Isle of Iona creating a circle of light with others and sending that energy to our spiritual family  to activate the dream we carry.  Remember, You are the dream and the dream is dreaming through you.   I will  carry Fire and Ice crystals with me into the ceremony, which will become Dream Crystals.  They will be blessed in the sacred waters that serve as a key to unlock the memory of our soul legacy and heal the ancient Atlantean Seed Fear.  These hold amazing rainbows of light.


Fire and Ice crystal is  quartz crystal that has been subjected to thermal shock and intense heat from fire creating a crackle  within the crystal.  The crackle that captures the essence of the rainbow creates a very high vibration.  The shock the crystal moves through awakens a potent force within the stone.   Much like the human who holds the ancient Atlantean Seed fear which has crystalized within their DNA.  These crystal beings can assist in lifting one from the fear based illusion of the collective consciousness helping one align with  the consciousness of truth that comes when we awaken the seed we carry in our heart.  The stone being can help one actualize their dream.  It acts as a battery for the earth’s grid and is a power source.

I will be carrying these to the ascension seat at the time of the solar eclipse, New moon high on Mount Shasta to collect sunlight.    I will then carry these magnificent crystal beings to the Dream Isle of Iona where they will be placed in sacred ceremony at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse.  They have been blessed in the waters that flow from the mountain and will be blessed again in the waters that surround the Dream Isle of Iona that sits above the Atlantean crystal library.  When one sits with the crystal it can access your souls journey allowing you to bring forth the talents and gifs you carry while eliminating the seed fear that holds you back.  It will be placed on the earth to receive the light of the total lunar eclipse.

These range in price from $45 to $80.  If anyone would like to order one please contact Guy at [email protected].  I will do a special blessing at the time of the total lunar eclipse for those who preorder.

Payment can be made via PayPal.   They will be shipped to you once I return from Scotland and Avalon in October.

Love and Rainbows,


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