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Embracing the Solar Eclipse


We are now fully in the midst of the triple eclipse energies and I wanted to thank those of you who gathered with me on the last Full Moon here in our sanctuary with focused intention and prayer. It was a wonderful gathering as so many chose to join together. As each of you walked the sacred spiral this night you brought with you your wisdom, your grace, your unique gifts and talents and shared with everyone else in attendance.   We truly created an energy of oneness and this was sent out to each of you who were with us in spirit as well.   Those of you who were unable to attend, I too felt your presence connected to the web and I honor each of you as well.   Each person is equal and all so very important to the collective vision. Together we wove the energy of love into the web and all the nature beings are truly grateful, so I again thank you.  I know there were many of you who gathered together or prepared for this night in quiet ceremony, as I received many emails.  I truly love to receive the messages you send as you share your experiences and I encourage you to share on Weave the Web with our spiritual community that is continuing to grow and reaches across the earth.  Every thought, every word, and every emotion we now collectively share.


As we approach the Solar eclipse on July 21st and 22nd I want to share a little more with you how to prepare for this monumental event.

I will be in Panther Meadows on the sacred mountain of Mount Shasta at the time of the Solar Eclipse. The exact time to align with me and create a sacred space will occur at:

Time Zones:

Pacific……….7:35pm — July 21st

East Coast……10:35pm–July 21st

Chicago………9:35pm—July 21st

England………3:35am—July 22nd

Australia……..12:35pm–July 22nd

Switzerland…..4:35am—-July 22nd

Singapore…….10:35am–July 22nd

The longest period of the eclipse will last for 6 1/2 minutes.

First of all be aware that these energies have a tendency to be very unsettling, creating chaotic energies which can throw many off balance.    One of the things that can truly assist in maintaining balance as we move through these energies are the vibrational tools from nature.  Last year at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse I had been guided to be in the arms of the Sphinx in Egypt at the exact time of the eclipse and the return of the Sirian star.  At that time, I created a powerful oil called Solar Eclipse, pure lotus oil from the lands of Egypt.  This oil is very effective in assisting us through the changes that come with an eclipse as it opens us to the higher purpose behind the events, opening our intuitive channels to receive guidance.   For those who do not have this oil but would like to purchase it for use in ceremony and to work with the energies over the next several months please click here.   These energies have an impact on us for a minimum of six months and can be felt for years.  At the time of the total solar eclipse All of Nature seems still and quiet for this brief moment of daytime darkness.

The shadow passes over the sun and creates absolute darkness in the areas it is visible.  The trajectory path is over China, Bhutan and India so many will not see this event but all will feel its impact. Once the shadow passes we will be forever changed as the totality of the eclipse has ended. The same events that preceded totality now occur in reverse order and on the opposite side of the Sun.  Daylight returns as more and more of the Sun is gradually uncovered by the passing Moon.  Finally the complete disk of the Sun is restored. The eclipse is over.  Nothing tangible remains of the eclipse but the energies the eclipse has brought are with us forever.    Experience has shown us that old things come to an end under a solar eclipse and a new beginning can be made.  This eclipse is of monumental importance as two weeks later there will be another lunar eclipse.    A powerful Solar Eclipse can create massive havoc   over the areas it passes.   Eclipses are responsible for earthquakes and other natural disasters and often times lead to unrest.  The total solar eclipse last year passed over areas in Russia and within days unrest broke out in Georgia.  This year as I mentioned it will pass over India, Pakistan, China and other countries in Asia.


A Solar Eclipse is a phase of the cycle of Sun, in which the Moon comes between the Sun and the observer.  An Eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. At the time of solar eclipse the Sun is partially or completely obscured. A solar eclipse substantially restructures the cosmic energies that are disrupted with the previous eclipse.   This is a period to make physical, emotional, mental, or Spiritual “health adjustments.” It’s a time to let go as this eclipse cycle, which began with the recent Full Moon  will accelerate now until the solar eclipse and then will complete the cycle with the next Full Moon in August.  It will demand change.  Remember change is good and the universe will support the changes if you surrender and allow.


My personal journey and guidance will take me to Mount Shasta where I have been shown the Spirit of the Black Jaguar will enter into the earth dimension searching for what is hidden in the shadows, hunting down those walking with greed and deception in their hearts.  The Black Jaguar assists one in reclaiming their power so on this night prepare an altar and invite the Black Jaguar spirit to be with you.  For the seeker of truth this is a time when your personal truth is revealed.  This also marks a time of the return of the Black Madonna’s presence.  She is not coming to save us.  This is up to each of us.  She returns as she has promised again and again to assist mankind through times of challenge and transition.  She offers her compassion and love for those in pain.  If one calls upon her she can lift your sadness and discomfort.  She has been recognized as the divine creative mother goddess in many ways.  As Isis, as White Buffalo Woman, as Kuan Yin, as the Lady of Kazon and as Grandmother Spider.  She belongs to no particular religion although she is often found in the Catholic Church, and yet she belongs to everyone.  She has been here since the beginning and is the Creative force of love that has woven the web upon the earth.  Prepare an altar this night with a bowl of water, a red rose which you will place in the water and an item that represents each of the four directions to surround the bowl of water. Remain in silence with your eyes closed down as you will feel the presence of the Black Jaguar standing alongside of the divine mother.  She will bring forth a powerful blessing of hope, courage and love. The water will be charged at the time of the eclipse.  This is a time of prayer and focused vision for unity.  When the eclipse ends and light has been returned, (after the 6 1/2 minutes) drink some of the water and receive the blessings.  Pour some of the water back to the earth as an honoring to the nature kingdom.  Write down your experiences and pay close attention to the changes that now rapidly begin to take place in your life.

I will be carrying the andara crystal, which has been on every continent into the sanctuary on Mount Shasta connecting to the web anchoring the Divine Mothers blessings into the cosmic web.

To each of you reading these words, know that I will also carry you with me, for my journey is also your journey as we are all woven together.

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Love, rainbows, and vision, Robbyne

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3 Responses
  1. Princess

    Dearest Robbyne aka Perky, thank you for your countless knowledge and wisdom shared with your sisters annually, although I will not join u on this trip to Mt.Shasta I’ll be in meditation on the date. Blessings to u and the ladies who will be attending. COmpletion is key in being ready for the newness that will arrive soon.

  2. Mags

    I will be with you in spirit.

  3. Telluselle

    What a great inspiration for change! I will too find myself a place in Nature (I have a spot next to a lake in the countryside or within a treeformation behind a church here in the city) at the time and pray with you and for all.