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Blessings from the Buddha


For those of you who may not know the reason behind the celebration of Wesak I wanted to share some information.  For the next three days we will be receiving the healing light that is brought forth once a year from the Masters who gather at the time of the Full Moon in May in the Wesak Valley with the intention of collectively sending healing to the earth and to all beings who share this world.

Lord Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha Gotama on the full moon in Taurus in 623 BC.  Prince Siddhartha began his search for enlightenment at age 29 and after six years realized and found that eternal truth, thus becoming the Buddha – which means the Awakened One. This auspicious event took place at dawn in the month of Wesak in 588 BC, which was also the full moon in Taurus. Lord Buddha taught this truth and the wisdom of compassion and forgiveness for 45 years, assisting others on their journey towards enlightenment until his final passing away on the full moon in Taurus in 543 BC.

The celebration of Wesak is a chance to remember the story of how the Buddha gained Enlightenment, and to reflect on what it might mean for each of us individually to move towards Enlightenment ourselves.

I wish to thank all who gathered and joined with me to celebrate this sacred holy day as we shared the night of the Taurus Full Moon. We began by experiencing what is known as Bathing the Buddha.  An opportunity to purify the mind of negative thoughts, clear away resentment, jealousy, fear and doubt, an opportunity to purify the emotional body of old hurts, disappointments, betrayals and deep seeded wounds and an opportunity to bathe and purify the spiritual body to reconnect to ones divine self.  For the eight minutes that the blessings were sent from the Wesak valley with the return of the Buddha, a wonderful group sat in silence creating a circle of light to receive these energies and aligned with other circles and individuals all over the world to pray for peace and unity.    It is a time of grand awakening and these blessings are felt for three days after the time of the Masters sending these energies of peace, harmony, wisdom, light and love to the planet joining all faiths, all cultures and all religions together.

If you were unable to celebrate WESAK I encourage you  over the next three days to take some time to sit in silence and meditate on the blessings of light for 8 minutes.  If there are those in need of healing,  you can write their name on a piece of paper,  or place a picture of them in a circle of rose petals as you receive the blessings.  Simply place your hands as though you are sending the blessings to those in need.

Weave the Web is an opportunity for our spiritual community to share so I encourage you to share your experiences in this forum.  If you would like to leave a comment there is a place at the end of each posting in the comment box to do so.  Many of you send me personal messages of your experiences and I love to receive them.  The stories are so special that I also encourage you to share them in this format as well.

Thank you for walking your path with me.  During these times of transition and change, it will take each of us sharing our gifts and wisdom with each other, extending a hand of friendship and love to those still sleeping, expressing love and light as a vehicle of compassion, forgiveness and love in a humble way and acknowledging the divinity in everyone and everything around you.  It is a beautiful world we live in and this is truly a journey of celebration and joy if we eliminate the suffering by becoming our own Buddha, awakened and enlightened.

Mi Taku Oyasin  ….We are all related

Wishing you magic.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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4 Responses
  1. Michelle

    Shining Robbyne,
    thank you for sharing your wisdom, your beauty… Yes the ” Gods ” and ” Goddesses ” are back to bring down the New Heaven on Earth…
    With much love… from my heart to yours

  2. Linda O'Kane

    Dear Rainbow Queen an beautiful souls…my sister Sue and I were surrounded by water on Coronado Isle…The Crown city…we both recieved beautiful
    message’s from our mother, and Wendell from the other side, as we all connected I saw magenta rays encircling our mother Earth, and rainbow rays vibrating around the magenta. Sue and I had many spiritual healings, laughter, and tears of unity. We found our soul mate path, and recieved great blessings…we are good to go…Talum, and black Jaguar adventure has begun…we are up for more healing…and so so grateful to know Robbyne, Guy, and all of our great spiritual community…Blessings and Bliss

  3. Charlene

    The feeling of light and love is so great when many are gathered in love. You are an angel who presents us with such beautiful gifts.
    Light, Love and Energy

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