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April Planetary Influences

universe portal

On April 4, 2020 a tremendous Astrological Portal will open, through which humanity will have an opportunity to UNITE AS ONE MIND, ONE WORLD, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS with this extraordinary Pluto/Jupiter alignment.  Pluto rules pandemics as well as major life and death cycles.  Jupiter rules societal issues and has a quality of spreading and magnifying our focused intentions. The exact alignment take place at 10:45pm EDT, but we actually began to feel this aspect beginning on March 11th.  It will remain strong until May 2nd taking us through the next Super Full Moon.  The last time these particular planets connected was in December 2007.

Take the time now that we are in the gift of self-isolation and stillness to ask:

  • What took place in 2007 that inspired me to look beyond my current reality so I could grow and evolve?
  • In what ways did I need to take a deeper look at my belief systems at that time?  
  • What am I being asked to do at this time to cosmically level up? 
  • What am I giving birth to and what guidance can I receive from my divine self?

Reminder of joining together in a global meditation to pray for 20 minutes.  More details and an audio meditation was included in my last newsletter   Click Here

10:45 pm EDT on April 4th (New York, USA)

9:45 pm CDT Chicago

8:45 pm MDT in Denver

7:45 pm PDT in Los Angeles.

3:45 am BST in London

4:45 am CEST in Paris

4:45 am EET in Cairo

10:45 am CST in Taipei and Beijing

11:45 am JST in Tokyo and

12:45 pm AEST in Sydney. 

butterfly moon

April 7th – Full Moon In Libra dedicated to the caterpillar

This super full moon being in libra, the sign of the scales is all about finding balance. As a global community we are asked to shelter within, we can utilize this full moon to go within a spiritual cocoon to review and reflect on where we are on our journey and where we want to be when we are each reborn as a beautiful butterfly. Native Americans see the butterfly as a symbol of joy, feeding on the flowers they help pollinate, to further spread beauty.  They can perceive ultraviolet wavelengths of light.  Butterfly is the symbol of change, the soul, creativity, freedom, joy and color.  Their power is transformation, shape shifting and soul evolution. They represent the element of air, quickly changing and always on the move gracefully. Butterflies are messengers of the moment and come in a wide array of colors. They remind us not to take things too seriously. They teach us that growth and transformation does not have to be a traumatic experience, it can be joyous. Butterflies possess the ability to grow and change, leaving the safety of their cocoon to discover a new world in a new form without fear, trusting their untested wings to fly without a doubt in their minds.  The DNA of the caterpillar will completely change to a new DNA pattern when the butterfly emerges.  Take the gift of extra time to find stillness to integrate all that is occurring at this time.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I will be posting  a full moon ritual for this Super Full Moon of balance and a guided audio meditation to journey deep within the cocoon to emerge as the butterfly in the next few days.

april new moon

April 22nd New Moon in Taurus

As we enter the darkness of the Taurus new moon, we enter the nothingness.  This is the same potential the universe had at the beginning of its existence.  The state of pure potential.   When we are in the gap, there is a feeling of uncertainty.   We have nothing to hold onto because we are changing.  Changing homes, changing lifestyles, changing ways of being.  The nothingness is everything.   It is vibrant with possibilities.  It is unmanifest but it contains all. Following the powerful Jupiter/Pluto portal opening and the Super Full Moon dedicated to the caterpillar which brought us clarity as to what we are wishing to rebirth, this is the night of centering with focused intention to receive guidance for what action we now need to take.  For those who are members of our online series I will be posting a New Moon ritual assisting one in accessing the creative void of unlimited potential.

Obsidian Oil

For those who work with the plant beings I have an oil known as Obsidian that can support one through these times of uncertainty and change,    This powerful oil was created with an obsidian stone being from the dragon line of the obsidian mountain in Mount Shasta combined with plant essences known to cleanse our energy field bringing us into balance and alignment with a higher spiritual consciousness.   This oil can quiet the mind and take us back into our center where this creative potential exists.   When placed on the heart it can be used to transform regret, anger, guilt and fear.  Placed on the wrists and rub together.  Breathe this powerful essence into your auric field.  Sit in stillness and ask for clarity.  The Obsidian oil takes you into a higher state of consciousness to transmute negative thoughts and emotions into inspired thought for creation.   It supports one in cosmically leveling up to be all you were born to be.  Obsidian is known as the shaman’s stone and used in meditation helps us see with a different perspective.  It forms a shield against negativity. It absorbs negative energies from the environment, fear and self-doubt.  Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension. It stimulates growth on all levels, urging exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons.  Obsidian is known for its stabilizing and grounding effects, making it an excellent oil for reigning in scattered energies.   If you would like to order an Obsidian Oil please contact Guy directly at [email protected].

Pluto underworld

April 25th Pluto turns Retrograde in Capricorn

When Pluto is in retrograde, we enter a powerful fact-finding time.  As the ruler of the underworld Pluto in retrograde challenges us to look at our lives and let go of the things that no longer serve us.   Pluto allows us to reset and recalibrate to our now changing reality and world.  In the coming weeks I will be sharing a new series of shared wisdom utilizing the Path of the Rose to navigate through these changing times of unlimited potential. Enter the retrograde cycle by making a journal entry that asks:

What do I need to let go of to receive exactly what I want?

If I do let go of something what will take its place?

Pluto retrograde delivers the clarity of the action we need to take to empty out the old and allow the new in a grand way.

For those who would like to work more effectively through this Pluto Retrograde I am available for Soul Life Readings.

A one-hour soul life reading serves as a navigational tool to assist one when moving through changes as feelings of uncertainty, confusion and lack of direction arise.  As we enter the fourth year of a 9-year cycle to birth our dreams and a new life expression, the soul life reading can assist in moving forward.  The focus of this session is to gain clarity and awareness of one’s current soul experience. In this session relationships and their purpose of being in one’s life are revealed. Guidance is given to the appropriateness of the relationship and what the soul seeks from the experience. Present life challenges are identified, and guidance given to move one through any conflict with grace and ease. Transitional guidance is provided when one finds themselves at a crossroads in their life experience allowing an opportunity to review questions around career, finance, movement and life decisions. A review of the soul’s energetic blueprint, strengths and destiny are explained. When appropriate, a review of past life experiences influencing the present incarnations are discussed and a course of action to heal and release these memories stored in the consciousness are explored.  Clarity on what you are rebirthing with the Grand Resetting we as a global family are experiencing is provided.  To make an appointment please contact me directly at [email protected].

Stay healthy, strong and happy.  Celebrate this time of stillness.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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