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A Story of Unconditional Love

Sahara Desert Egypt

Abu Simbel is my favorite place in the lands of Egypt. We would drive through the Sahara Desert to reach this special place, an opportunity to stand on the Tropic of Cancer and experience the illusion of the mirage. There was something deeply mystical here and this opportunity would not have come if our plans had not changed. I collected sand from these ancient lands and did a silent prayer to open the doorways into the mystical world of the ancients. My prayer would be granted later that day.

sunset at lake nazaar egypt

We arrived in Abu Simbel and checked into our hotel as the sun was setting upon Lake Nassar. We were off to experience the beautiful Sound and Light show at the temple dedicated to Nefertari by Ramses II. This temple holds the energy of so many things.

abu simbel temple egypt

light show abu simbel

abu simbel pharoahs

Abu Simbel is the only temple in Egypt where the divine feminine is acknowledged. Queen Nefertari is represented as a Goddess and her statue depicts her as an equal to the King himself.  The only site in Egypt where the divine feminine is seen as equal to the male as all other temples have the statue of the Queen standing beneath the King.  

We would have two very special opportunities to experience this magnificent site. The first beneath the stars as we watched the Sound and Light Show and felt the magick as two shooting stars appeared above the temples.   I believe it was the presence of Ramses the II and Queen Nefertari bringing their love story to life.   Abu Simbel  is the Root Chakra of the Nile River, the place where you feel your heart open, releasing your fears.  

All temples were built by the ancients at places where the dragon lines connected along the holy waters of the Nile River and this for me is one of the most powerful.

goddess maat

Maat the Goddess of Justice and Magick was worshipped here. She is the Goddess that rose from chaos to create order into the world of the human. She is responsible for the seasons and the Goddess who presides over the weighing of the heart ceremony. The heart is weighed against the white ostrich feather on the scale of Maat to determine if one’s actions during life were of kindness and compassion.  The Goddess reviews one’s life to determine if they are able to enter into the After Life.  Each of our family would be gifted with the feather of wisdom to be blessed by the Goddess Maat in her sanctuary of worship.

goddess hathor

Nefertari is expressed in her temple as the Goddess Hathor.   The energy is papable in her sanctuary when one stands in silence and we were blessed to be alone.  This is a place to release all fears and illusions, to receive courage for ones journey and to fall in love with your own beautiful essence.   The unconditional love of Ramses II and Nefertari fills your heart with love.  

Being here in the wee morning hours to do ceremony was the beginning of awakening the Goddess and returning the Divine Feminine to the world of human. Our spiritual family was planting the seeds of empowerment for 2017.  At first we were not allowed to even share the teachings within the temple. It didn’t matter as it created an opportunity for each person to just be within their own experience.   Suddenly there was a guard change. I approached the younger guard and asked if we would be allowed to pray together within the temple.  He quietly shook his head yes.  

The doorway opened and we stood together holding hands sending our prayers for a world divided to be joined together in love. The power of prayer can do miracles and this was our intention to seed the dragon lines in these places of power. It became apparent that after each time we stood together in love another magickal opening would occur. Our group was now divinely protected wherever we journeyed.   I relaxed into the knowing that the itinerary would change daily revealing a new level of magick every step of the way. What was occurring was truly profound. 


goddess nefertari

Nefertari was a benevolent queen, her name itself means the “beautiful one”.   As the Queen, she placed the good of her own people over her self. To unite the warring tribes of ancient Egypt she encouraged her husband to marry the daughter of the King of the warring tribe, finally bringing peace to the lands of Egypt.  It is said that it was a woman who initiated the first peace treaty between countries.

 Again we watched the sunrise on a new day, alone in the temple grounds.

ostrich feather of Maat

Join us tomorrow as we begin to sail the Nile River.

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