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A Powerful force occurs when all life forms join together

If anyone ever doubted that the animal kingdom wants to work with the human world, that was quickly dissipated as a group of 40 beautiful souls with a deep love for the ocean and a passion to create change joined together on Stradbroke Island.  I was greatly touched with the numerous emails that came in from all over the world sharing with me that many groups were also gathering at the same time. We had all received the same guidance to join together during the weekend of August 1-3rd to pray for our oceans and to send a vision of awakening  to those still sleeping. 


Stradbroke Island is a mystical place just off the coast of Brisbane, Australia in the Pacific Ocean.  A place that is on the navigational pathway of the Humpback whales migration.  Minutes after arriving we would be greeted by two whales which brought a great sense of knowing that the guidance I had received was being confirmed by our celestial guardians.  The next morning we awoke to find two kangaroo greeting the sunrise and leaping for joy on the beach where we would be gathering for our ceremony the next morning.  Even the sea turtles came to greet us.  It was clear that as more from the human world began to gather, a call had also gone out to the animal kingdom.


We gathered the first evening to celebrate the turning of the wheel, Imbolc in the southern hemisphere and Llamas in the northern hemisphere.  Both celebrations are dedicated to the Goddess.  I had received hundreds of names to be added to the prayer list and as our group joined together a powerful healing light was sent to all on that list.  We prayed for family and friends, those in pain, those who had lost their way, those suffering in despair.  We prayed for the leaders of all nations to make right choice and right decision for the good of our global community and we prayed to end the separation that was creating a shadow on our planet.  We all needed to bypass the ego that created judgment, as only in coming together and accepting each other would we be able to make a change.


The next morning we gathered together to sing with the crystal singing bowls and join together as one light on the beach.


As we walked in silence to the special part of the beach where the ceremony would take place, two pods of dolphin instantly joined our group as though they were escorting us to the sacred gathering.  Two of the women from our group jumped into the water with the dolphin.  Acknowledging that we had come to send healing to the ocean  one of the dolphin swam directly towards one of the women.  As we gathered and began to pray, in the distance was a whale who seemed to stay in the same area.


He was waving his pectoral fin, splashing, as if to say, “We are here, lets get on with this celebration”.  There was an amazing energy that was created as we passed around the shungite stone I had brought from Mount Shasta.   Shungite is a very special stone  coming from Russia that is known to transform toxins and negativity.  It can remove harmful radiation for miles and would carry our healing prayers into the ocean currents.  We passed it from heart to heart.



When we were finished the youngest of our group Cedona would be the one to release the stone to the sea.  With such focus and intention this beautiful young girl carried our hopes and prayers.  I knew that thousands around the earth were joining us.  The collective energy  of those souls gathered all around the globe could be felt.



Cedona released the stone to the sea with her mother Gina, and the collective prayers began to ripple out to the ocean where I knew the whales and dolphin waited to carry the healing vibration along the song lines with their sacred sounds.  We were working in harmony with the animal kingdom and the unseen world.  Within minutes two magnificient crows came to hover over our circle, as a  sea eagle soared above us.  It was clear all kingdoms had now joined together.  The whales and dolphins would carry the prayers with their sounds through the waters.


One woman in our group placed her forehead on the warm sands and began to see the song lines, the dragon lines and the cosmic spider web all illuminated with golden light.  It was a magickal weekend of healing and clarity being gifted to all of us.  A special thank you to those who were guided to share their light and join me on Stradbroke Island and also to the thousands of you who would share your light with focused prayer.


We have to keep believing that we can make a difference by coming together.  One light, one vision, one day at a time.  As our spiritual family continues to grow the power to make change grows ever stronger.


I am leaving New Zealand to return to Mount Shasta and will be departing the beginning of September for Spider Rock in Canyon de Chellys. Spider Rock is the source of the cosmic spider web and we will  weave the energy gifted to us this weekend from these beautiful star beings and sea angels back to the source of the Dream at the time of the September Full Moon.

I will then return to the sacred mountain where many have been guided to join me to continue to weave the dream in sacred ceremony back to the mountain.  The first journey is sold out but we do have a few spaces remaining for the Autumn Equinox journey. 

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Wishing you magick, dolphin cuddles and whale songs, Robbyne

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  1. Lorraine Whiddett

    Thank You Robbyne, I had the most amazing time and I am very grateful to you for the journey you took me on. The connection to the whales and dolphin was magic, the group gatherings where wonderful and you have such a wonderful genuine caring presence. It certainly has been the begining of a new chapter in my life. Sunshine and Rainbow Blessings, Lorraine x

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