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A Beltane Thank You


A heartfelt thank you to all who attended our wonderful celebration of Beltane.  It was quite the magical evening as we walked through the traditional Beltane bonfires and joined together to celebrate life.   Those who attended saw the magic come to life in our physical world.   When I went to the medicine wheel early the morning of Beltane to make my offering, two Robins greeted me.  These beautiful birds stayed in the yard all day and even past dusk.  They wanted their presence to be seen and with their arrival brought the message of hope. The red breast of the Robin is the color of new growth, new ideas, and new pathways opening for the future.   Whenever Robin comes it is a time to make a wish, and patiently watch that dream come true over the next few months.   Not just one, but two, everything about Beltane is the symbology of male and female joining together for creation.  It is uncommon for birds to stay in one place all day and to be visible after dusk.  They usually find their nest and settle down for the evening.  The world of nature wanted to be sure we knew the doorway to the unseen world was open and we were being invited in to experience the magick.  At one point one of the Robins walked directly towards the glass door looking into the room at the participants that had gathered.


We all reverted to children as we danced around the May Pole and placed our intention for a global community filled with light and healing for our beloved planet.  Every time groups gather together with intention and prayer it infuses the earth with light and balances the darkness of fear, greed and hatred that still exists in areas on our planet.  The next gathering will be the WESAK Full Moon which is a most significant time of blessings and healing being sent to the earth, unifying all religions and beliefs and bringing healing and hope to the earth.  For more information please visit the website under UPCOMING events.

I am going to be sharing the Intelligence of Nature once again for those who are interested in learning to communicate with this kingdom and communicate with the Faery realm.   Oh yes, they really do exist and if we open to communicate with this world it truly can return the childlike magic and help you to find joy.    For more information regarding this enchanting workshop that will be offered please click here.

Wishing you magick and enchantment.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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