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2015 is the Year of Manifestation

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2015 is the Year of Manifestation.  Finding our Still Point is key to manifesting our dreams and desires.  This is a year to achieve what you thought was unachievable.  A year to believe what you thought was unbelievable.  A year to truly become all you were born to be and to find your way back to your divine self.  More detailed information on the symbology and significance of this year will be sent with the first installment of the newsletter.


My experience has shown there is no greater way to tune into the cycles of nature like observing the Holy days of the earth religion. These days which belong to everyone, are truly a key to assist us through these times of transition and uncertainty by keeping us in harmony with nature, our bridge to the world of spirit and to our Still Point.   When celebrated with joy and intention these times of celestial openings will lead you down paths you never knew were there.   By honoring the moon cycles, understanding how to work effectively with the retrograde cycles and developing a deeper relationship with the natural world, one may seek to gain insight into themselves and the true connection we have with everything and everyone.

All rituals for the Sabbats, holy days and moon ceremonies are created specifically to help you connect on a deeper level to the teachings of alchemy and magick in relationship to this year of manifestation.  They will also be created differently for the Northern and Southern Hemisphere utilizing the items found in nature in these regions.  I trust you will find this to be better than years past.

The subscription for the year will be $75.00 which is basically $6.00 per month.  As soon as the sight is up and running you will be notified how to subscribe.  Again this is completely different than  Weave the Web that you are already subscribed to.  If you have any questions please contact Guy at [email protected]

Wishing you a magickal week.

Love, rainbows and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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