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Path of the Rose Oil


This very special oil is a beautiful combination of spikenard, the holy oil of the Magdalena, pure lavender from France where the Magdalene began the Church of the Rose, pure violet, rose, myrrh and sweet orange (an essence connected to Sophia) from Egypt.

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These oils were all blessed on the Holy of Holy Altars in the Temple of Isis at the time of the Turning of the Wheel and the beginning of the Festival of Isis.  The woman known as the Magdalene was a high priestess of Isis and expressed the physical embodiment of the Creatrix Goddess Sophia.  This oil can heal deep seeded wounds of the divine feminine, awaken the remembrance of the connection we humans have with the Creatrix Goddess opening the pathway for the expression of our true self.  An oil that assists us in finding our faith when we struggle to stay focused and hopeful.  Place on your heart, third eye, dream chakra and crown chakra as it opens one to be a channel of pure light.  Place on your wrists and rub together.  Breathe in the essence of the Creatrix Goddess as you give gratitude.


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