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Winter Dreaming

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Winter Snow Goddess

The Emergence of the Rose

Mount Shasta, California

January 12 – 15, 2018

Something magickal occurs on this sacred mountain in the winter time as the Goddess cloaks herself in white. All of nature journeys inward which allows the human an opportunity to go deep within. There is a stillness and silence that is not experienced on the mountain at other times of year. It is said that if you know where you came from there will be no limitations on where you are going.

2018 vibrates as a TWO-year, beginning a twelve-month journey in which you will find exciting connections between your past, your present, and your future. The pieces of your soul puzzle will begin to make sense and provide a vision for your future. Make no mistake, what happens this year is going to take perseverance and great patience. A year of partnerships, relationships, and unions, here in the root chakra of the planet one can step through the veil and connect with their future self.

A winter wonderland awaits the one who seeks to connect with their true divinity. This is a weekend designed to set intentions as you learn to work with the dragon energy and the dreaming time. The landscape transforms into a blank canvas and the significance of working with the energy building towards the first new moon of 2018 can help one step into the void to harness the energy of manifestation.

This will be a special retreat working with the nurturing power of fire as I offer many tools of manifestation and dream magick. You will be creating your own tools of enchantment as you journey deep within to the source of the dream learning to walk the Path of the Rose.

Weather permitting we will journey to the landscape of the enchanted ones and the heart sanctuary of the mountain. Here one feels a deep connection to Lady of the mountain and the Master teachers.

We have so many beautiful days on the mountain when the snow glistens with diamond light, the sun shines through a brilliant blue sky and the Great Standing Tall Ones take in the healing energy of the snow goddess.

If you wish to form an alliance with your divine self, opening your heart to partnerships and magickal relationships the Lady of the Mountain is calling. There is no better place to dream the dream into reality than on the sacred mountain of the Masters in the quiet stillness of a winter day.

Total cost for the Winter Dreaming

Including all teachings, meditations, inner journeys, outer experiences to the heart sanctuary and magickal wonderland of the faery folk. All tools for ritual and ceremonies, all materials for Tools of enchantment, sacred teachings of working with the Dragon Lineage and Path of the Rose $625.00.

To register please contact Guy at [email protected]

**You are responsible for your own transportation and accommodations. There are several recommendations for accommodations for all budgets and preferences:

Shasta Mount Inn (my favorite) owned by a very special soul, David Knowles.  David as your host, will make you will feel as though you have come home.  This beautiful B and B sits directly on the dragon line and offers beautiful views of Mama Mountain complete with a beautiful Jacuzzi and sauna to nurture your body temple.   4 beautiful rooms available at the Shasta Mountain B & B www.shastamountinn.com

Chalets at the Mount Shasta Resort  – mountshastaresort.com

Best Western Treetop Hotel  http://bestwesterncalifornia.com/hotels/best-western-plus-tree-house

For those who would like to rent a room there is a lovely space available offering two rooms.   Please contact Wendy at [email protected].

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