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Switzerland Seminar (English Trans)

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Activation of the Rainbow Temples of Light
Awakening of your true Spiritual Destiny

November 18th – November 21st, 2010

Special Full Moon Ceremony – Saturday evening
Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant

As we approach 2012 a huge shift is occurring in the consciousness of mankind. In this time of spiritual chaos and imbalance on Earth, the presence of the Goddess will be fully activated in the mind and soul of those individuals who have incarnated with the soul purpose and destiny to assist this planet and reactivate the Rainbow Temples of the Brother and Sisterhood.  The Native Americans identify this as the reunification of the Rainbow Tribe of all nations.

It is said that at this critical time the earth would begin to transform negative energy into positive energy and a shift of the power source of the planet from the Himalayan to the Andes Mountains would occur.   Here the Rainbow Temples of the Goddess would be activated, the place of the sacred crystal of pure and transparent light. It is said that the crystal grid would be infused with a tremendous light that would activate all crystals that have been lying dormant within the earth energy grid.   The crystals were placed into the earth grid by the star beings from the Pleiades, the same beings that visited the earth and left tools of guidance as the Mayan.   These stone and crystal beings when activated will emanate the seven rays of positive light that will help to unblock all obstacles restoring the energy of love into the mind and souls of Human Beings on this Earth. These sacred beings have the power to help to reconnect, tune up and to recharge the inner light of the soul of man and realign the energy centers to stabilize the shift of consciousness.  When these light Temples are full activated they will become sanctuaries where all warriors of light and spiritual healers from all lands will gather together to share the abundant wisdom that has been left by our ancestors.   It will bring about reconciliation of nature and spirit and help reconnect with the Akasha, (the hard disc of human being history) and life force. A place to strengthen the spirit and rejuvenate the body as we prepare the road for the new emissary of light whose mission will be to spread the message of light and love for this planet.  These new cites of light will manifest Temples of love and healing. Men and women from all faiths, religion, color and culture will migrate to recharge their soul so they can return to walk in beauty and on the right trail to find the essence of their own being.

One of these rainbow temples is the sacred stone sanctuary known as Castle Hill on the South Island of New Zealand.   These limestone guardians of Castle Hill are billions of years old.  They hold the ancient wisdom of the story of life on our beloved earth. The ancestors traveled from all corners of the world to remember the knowledge stored within this stone library of universal wisdom. These stones can open the sacred trail to the higher realms of knowledge.  Here the heart learns to sing again.  Castle Hill In 2002 was named a “Spiritual Center of the Universe” by the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama is a spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism. The name is a combination of the Mongolian word “Dalai” meaning “Ocean” and the Tibetan word meaning “chief” or “high priest.  His Holiness is thought of as the latest reincarnation of a series of spiritual leaders who have chosen to be reborn in order to enlighten others.

The power of these ancient stones lies in the interaction of the telluric Earth field of water lines with the cosmic solar field of ley lines. Their combination creates a synergetic, holistic field, which is greater than either of the two energies taken separately. This fusion of the fundamental components of the Universe, yang and yin, is the source of all matter, energy and consciousness.  For this reason when one walks amongst these ancient ones you feel as though you are standing at a doorway between heaven and earth and communication with the celestial realms is very strong.  It is within the magnificent stone beings that one can call forth the violet flame. The Violet Flame is the common thread running through many mystery schools and wisdom teachings from the Mystery school of Mount Shasta, the goddess temple of Avalon, and the ancient mystery schools of Egypt to name only a few and many more.   A universal force directly derived from Source and part of the ancient alchemical teachings. Calling upon the healing energies of the Violet Flame has been practiced throughout ancient cultures, including Lemuria and Atlantis. It exemplifies the essence of forgiveness, compassion and alchemical transformation of karma. it is one of the most effective tools for transmuting of personal and global karma. In a swift but lasting way, the Violet Flame clears the Etheric Body of karmic records and restores the blueprint of our authentic self.  In our etheric body, as well as in the physical, mental and emotional energy sheaths, we still carry cellular memory from experiences of great sorrow and loss. Records of death and emotional trauma, compounded from experiences of many lifetimes, are trapped here, in need of healing. If invoked regularly with intense love and devotion, the Violet Flame can continually melt and dissolve calcified energy patterns trapped in our cellular memory. Acting as a powerful solvent, it transmutes this lower vibrational energy from the atoms and electrons that compose our four lower bodies.

The movement of the kundalini energy from the Northern hemisphere of Tibet to the Southern hemisphere will open the space for the female frequency to reign over the earth for the next 13,000-year cycle. Changes of this magnitude do not happen overnight — and tremendous collective work goes into bringing about this change.  It is a labor of love for all life, everywhere.  It has been my journey for the last 14 years as both the guardian of the obsidian crystal skull and the Mother Andara crystal to travel to specific sights at specific times to assist in the movement and stabilization of this energy. For anyone who has ever been called to join me or to travel to sacred sites at specific times it is your journey as well.    It will take continued, focused and collective intention working on the inner planes, in specific locations, at specific times, to bring about the outer changes that are vital now to the Earth’s full activation process, and to all of us as we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Join me over this four-day period to activate your soul potential as we each step forward together as one source of light.  Reactivate the soul contract that is your destiny through a series of powerful processes as we work to activate the light center inside each of us.  The wisdom of all lifetimes and the original blueprint inside your DNA will be brought into your consciousness through the violet flame.    Now more than ever it is important to gather together to create circles of light for the highest healing of the planet.  The more your light body frequency rises the greater the assistance you can be for mankind and ultimately the universal web of light we are all a part of.

A significant planetary event will be occurring in July on the 17th and 18th known, as the Conscious Convergence where mankind will move one step closer to unity consciousness, which will facilitate these huge energy shifts taking place on the planet.  This seminar is designed to shift you fully into the ninth wave of this unity consciousness and your true destiny of assisting the planet at this time.  If you are feeling a stirring in your heart as you read these words you are remembering who you are, where we are going and where we have all come from.  I will return to these great stone beings in Castle Hill in New Zealand during this two-day planetary event with the obsidian crystal skull known as EB and the Mother Andara crystal that holds the original vibration of Lemuria.  I will be carrying this light back to the Amethyst sanctuary of Saint Germaine in October at the time of the Full Moon and then will weave this light and wisdom back to Switzerland in November.  Our group will prepare the energy that will be taken into the sacred lands of Bolivia, Peru and Easter Island in May of 2011 and then woven back into the Native American lands of Spider Rock, and Mount Shasta once again in September of 2011.  I will share more with you regarding these powerful journeys during the time of our seminar.

As always I will be available for private sessions for those who would like a channeling or a healing session.  This year the healing session will be greatly enhanced with the healing properties of the new rose quartz, platinum crystal singing bowl that I have just brought back from Mount Shasta.  This in combination with the Emerald green/magenta ray-singing bowl and tuning forks can open one to their full potential by opening the heart center to be that expression of love and pure light we were always intended to be.  If you would like to schedule a private session please contact Karen Wulf at the time you register for the seminar.

I look forward to sharing with each of you at this special time of our gathering.  Our seminar will take place during the time of the powerful Mourning Full Moon. November is a time for endings and completion in preparation for the return of the Light at Yule. Yule heralds the beginning of a new period of growth. Before we can begin anew, we must make room for the new things by releasing the old – much as we would weed a garden plot before planting seeds in it. This is the time that the Goddess in the aspect of the crone sits in stillness as the mother of the new God that will be born at the time of the Winter Solstice when the wheel begins to turn again and we move into the energy of 2011.  We will perform powerful ceremony for this on Saturday evening.

For registration and information regarding the location please contact Karin at [email protected].  The cost of the seminar is $550.00.  The costs for the individual sessions are:

1/2 hour channeling – $85.00

1/2 healing session – $85.00

1 hour healing – $165.00

1 hour channeling – $165.00

1/2 healing and 1/2 channeling – $165.00

For those of you interested in the andara crystal elixir which I highly recommend to support the shifts and changes occurring on the planet at this time as well as to assist in integrating the higher frequencies of light in your own light bodies these must be ordered in advance through Karin as well.  A great deal of work goes into the preparation of these individual elixirs.  For those of you who may not know about them a description is found below.  They have been greatly enhanced as I have returned with many higher vibrational essences from New Zealand which hold the original blueprint of mankind and facilitate the remembrance of Lemuria and our celestial home as well as move us forward into our full potential.

Description of the Andara Crystal Essences

Andara crystal essences provide a natural healing support system that sustains and balances the mind, body and spirit connection, supporting ones journey during times of stress, chaos, emotional upheaval, trauma and change. The andara essences are personally created for you using the highest quality flower and animal spirit essences. For those of you who may not be familiar with flower essences they are all natural, very dilute solutions made from spring water, and infused with the spirit of specific flowers. They are used to help balance the emotions and bring about a state of equilibrium in living organisms, and have been successfully used with people and animals.  Flower Essences work at an energetic level in the body, otherwise known as vibrational medicine. Vibrational medicine is based upon modern scientific insights into the energetic nature of the atoms and molecules making up our bodies, combined with ancient mystical observations of the body’s unique life-energy systems that are critical but less well understood aspects of human functioning. Flower remedies would not only neutralize negative emotional and mental energy patterns but also infuse positive vibrations associated with specific virtues into an individual such as the virtues of love, peace, steadfastness, gentleness, strength, understanding, tolerance, wisdom, forgiveness, courage or joy. Astrology can help us to map our journey. Flower essences can help us to cope with its ups and downs, to heal and process our emotional experiences, and to catalyze emotional transformation and growth.   The essences are prepared in a special water base from the waters that flow from Mount Shasta, the amethyst mountain of Saint Germaine and hold the vibration of the violet flame.  The water has been infused with the andara crystal and placed in the emerald green crystal-singing bowl where the sound frequency elevates the vibrational healing of the essences and again in the rose quartz, platinum sing bowl which opens the heart center and heals old energies of loss, sadness, abandonment, fear, hurt and lack of self confidence.    You will receive a complete written reading of the flower and trees essences supporting your journey as well as the animal allies walking with you and the messages they bring for your personal journey.   The personal andara crystal essence is $60.00 and can be paid for at the time of the seminar. You must notify me in advance as they are prepared and then placed in the sacred medicine wheel for a special blessing especially for you that I will be doing on the night of the New Moon prior to our journey.  These can also be ordered for those who may be coming for private sessions but are unable to attend the seminar.

Wishing you magick.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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