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Preparing for 2012

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Preparing for 2012

Saturday, November 20, 2011

10:00 – 5:00

2914 Cliff Drive

Newport Beach, California

A magnificent work of art blending light and the flowing lines of nature, will be the setting for our inner journey of self discovery in a beautiful home designed with the architecture of Antoni Gaudi

The all day event includes all tools and ritual supplies
Cost is $175.00

There will be a break  between the morning and afternoon session and a lovely lunch will be provided from

*Gain insight and awareness to the energies we will be experiencing throughout 2012 and how to prepare for the many changes of this powerful year.

*Experience the healing vibration of the generator crystal from Mount Shasta, charged with the energies of the 11:11:11 alignment and the three-crystal singing bowls as we each move through our fear and uncertainty about the future.

*Gain a deeper understanding of working with the violet flame of transformation and the true power of manifestation as you discover the inner source of abundance each of us have been gifted with.

*Learn to listen to the guidance and messages offered by the natural world as we prepare to enter the Year of Grandmother Spider.  Gain an insight as to the animal allies that are supporting your journey and how to work these guardians of the ancient wisdom.

*Experience the obsidian stone being to unlock deep memory of your own soul’s journey.  Pierce through the final layer of illusion and fear to become all you are intended to be.

*If you are not experiencing all that you desire in your life, it is time to create the necessary change.  No one can do this for you. Make the commitment to change your current experience and remember why you are here.

*Together we will weave the web of light, hope and love as we join together in ceremony with the andara crystal.

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