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Immersion Into the Goddess Private retreats 2017

Mt Shasta Goddess

Sacred Sanctuary of Mount Shasta

3 day, 4 day and 5 day – Private Retreats (weekends are available and longer retreats can be created for someone who wants to completely immerse themselves in the magick of the mountain to truly change their life)

Each retreat is designed to support the individual in awakening the Goddess within through a deeper connection to the Earth Goddess. Mount Shasta is known as the Root Chakra of the planet and is a powerful place to reconnect to one’s divine self through sacred ceremony within the natural world.

Each day is designed based on the individual’s fitness level to step deeper into the unknown, releasing the fears that hold us back through sacred ceremony and earth rituals. The mountain provides nurturing and rejuvenation. She assists in helping one find their heart song and guiding star as you stand at the edge of a new beginning. Like a cosmic GPS the powerful energy emanating from the mountain aligns one to their truth, recalibrating on a cellular level. Awareness is the gift for the one who answers the call of the Goddess.

2017 is the Year of the Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine Returning. The Goddess will no longer be suppressed and often calls in the dreamtime to the one who is ready to reclaim their rightful place. There is no greater place to reconnect to ones Ka (divine essence) than in the mystical vortex that has been sacred to the indigenous people for thousands of years. There is an amethyst etheric bridge that connects Mount Shasta, the root chakra with Glastonbury England and the Chalice Well, the heart chakra of the planet, believed by many to be Avalon.

Mount Shasta is a mysterious energy vortex that is known to be the etheric home of Saint Germaine and the Master teachers. Within the mountain is the Lemurian city of Telos. When one approaches the mountain with an open heart, one can remember who they were meant to be. The shackles of fear and doubt drop away. The mountain is a place of inspiration and awakening into ones true destiny.

The Goddess is best expressed in the natural world far away from the fast world of the human.

Perhaps it is the power of the obsidian mountain that calls the warrior to release the past and step into their truth connecting to the spirit of the Phoenix, or the sacred lake that holds the spirit of the divine goddess for healing and emotional balance.

The ancient stone beings provide a safe sanctuary to explore the illusions one has held far too long as the ancient ones hold the history of our earth experience. To sit upon ascension rock allows one to connect with the Master teachers for guidance.

Stepping through the doorway in the enchanted realm of the faery folk in a forest of light, allows the child to be filled with joy and a return of innocence bringing a deep sense of inner peace and calm.

Threading the labyrinth to gain insight and healing or transforming your old life within the obsidian stone circle. One could easily spend a month in this powerful vortex of the mountain so a careful assessment of the individual is made to determine which sacred places upon the mountain can support one on their journey to awaken the Goddess within.

Walking through an enchanted forest to a sacred waterfall allows one to reclaim power in the presence of the Goddess. This special place has been sacred to the women for ceremony at the time of a New or Full Moon.

The Goddess is the one who guides the soul who answers her call. She inspires the artist, writer and dancer, motivates the born leader to step forward. She encourages the seeker of truth to step beyond the boundaries that actually hold them back from being the full expression of light they were intended to be.

Mount Shasta is a powerful vortex displaying nature at her best. If the call of the Lady of the mountain speaks to your heart, your soul seeks to be nourished and your body rejuvenated, I invite you to journey to this magickal mountain to immerse yourself in her divine essence as you step into new levels of awareness and purpose.

The private retreats are designed as an all-inclusive experience where you stay in our home in your own beautiful suite. Our home sits directly on the dragon line that flows to the mountain. This allows time for you to be with the generator crystal and EB, the obsidian stone being. I also include a Soul life reading or Healing and Balancing Session.   For friends or larger groups that would like to journey together, we recommend the beautiful Shasta MountInn.

I am filling up quickly for the private journeys in 2017 as I spend part of my time in New Zealand where I will also be guiding private retreats on Waiheke Island. If you are interested in a journey in 2017 please contact me directly at [email protected] for details and pricing.

Much love and rainbows, Robbyne

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