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Dream the New Dream

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An invitation to Dream the New Dream

Moving forward into 2013

Maleny, Australia


Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant

Ceremonial Leader, Earth Walker, International Spiritual Teacher

Keeper of the Old Lore

Sunday, April 28, 2013

10:00am – 4:30pm

Private sessions for soul life readings available 

Saturday, April 27th

Monday, April 29th

Tuesday, April 30th

 Please contact Maggie and Steve Lowe at:

[email protected] or phone at 075-4352201 to schedule a time.

Space is limited for this powerful day so registration highly recommended.

The shift of 12:21:12 has occurred and we are now vibrating in a higher frequency than we have ever been in. This day prophesized to be a significant event for humanity was not just an event; instead it began a process and a new journey for each of us. If we are not living our destiny often times we feel out of sync with our experience.  We lack joy, passion, at times abundance and loving relationships and yet this was always what we were intended to experience.   This day is designed to help you reconnect to your Divine Self as we merge the past and the future into the present.  The unseen world provides everything we as humans need to find balance, to heal our body temples, to manifest the new dream.  Be everything you were born to be as you awaken to your full potential.

  • Experience through ritual and ceremony your connection with the mythical beings, Unicorn, Pegasus, Phoenix and Dragon to open your intuitive abilities and restore balance by creating a deep connection to the four elements.  Gain an understanding of the importance of ritual in your life.
  • Feel your entire bio circuitry rewired as the beautiful melodic sounds of crystal singing bowls from Mount Shasta, bring you into a state of deep inner peace and bliss, shattering old illusions of lack and struggle, taking you into a high state of awareness.
  • Gain insight and wisdom from the Master Teacher Saint Germaine who is the guardian of the violet flame as you reclaim a sense of your own destiny and purpose discovering the power of alchemy.
  • The ancient ones built Stonehenge as a galactic computer.  When one stands within this stone sanctuary at particular times of planetary influence the stones serves as a Main Frame computer activating our inner knowing, downloading pertinent information to move us forward into our destiny.  Experience EB, the obsidian stone being who serves as a transmitter of this ancient knowledge and timing after being in the sacred sanctuary of Stonehenge at the time of the Venus Full Moon.   When one sits with the obsidian skull, tremendous healing can occur simultaneously, old patterns are broken and truth is revealed.

This is a day to retrace your souls journey to gain insight and clarity as you step with confidence into the future you are creating.

Location:  The Beautiful Spicers Tamarind Retreat in Maleny

Contact and registration:

Steve and Maggie Lowe at [email protected] or phone at 0754352201

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